A Countdown to Christmas with Hallmark Movies

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We also know how much fun the Christmas season is and sitting down to watch a great Hallmark movie during the Christmas season is also a must.

A countdown to Christmas with Hallmark movies.

I know I am not alone in the excitement of all things Christmas. The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be a tad bit overwhelming, but the joy that this season brings is more than the stress of it all. Another great thing about Christmas is all the Christmas Hallmark movies. As cheesy as they may be, I am a sucker for all of them! I am sharing a countdown to Christmas with Hallmark Movies.

#XMas (airing November 25, 8/7c) “When Jen gets the change to enter a brand’s design contest, she poses a family influencer, enlisting the help of her best friend, Max, and her baby nephew. When her video is selected as finalist, Jen is torn on whether to go on with her perfect “family” or reveal the truth.”

A Royal Corgi Christmas (airing November 25, 8/7c) “Prince Edmond hopes to win his mother’s love back with the gift of an adorable but unruly corgi. He hires American dog trainer Cecily to make the corgi presentable for the annual Christmas ball. Starring Hunter King and Jordan Renzo.”

Haul Out of Holly (airing November 26, 8/7c) “When Emily unexpectedly spends the holidays alone at her parents’ house, their HOA insists that she participate in its many Christmas festivities. Starring Lacey Chabert, Wes Brown, Stephen Tobolowsky, Melissa Peterman and Ellen Travolta.”

A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe (airing 27, 8/7c) “Annie faces her first obstacle as CEO of Cooper’s Cookies when grandma’s secret recipe is stolen. While investigating the theft, she works with local baker Sam to recreate the beloved recipe. Starring Rachel Boston and Victor Webster.”

A Big Fat Family Christmas (airing December 2, 8/7c) “Liv is a photojournalist eager to make it on her own. To get a dream assignment – shooting the Chang family’s annual holiday party for a cover story – she doesn’t reveal that they are in fact, her family. When she finds herself growing close to Henry, the coworker covering the story with her, she wants to confide in him but doesn’t want to jeopardize her big break. Starring Shannon Chan-Kent, Shannon Kook, Tia Carrere and Jack Wagner.”

Undercover Holiday (airing December 4, 8/7c) “When returning home for the holidays, newly minted pop star Jaylen tells her protective family that Matt is her new beau, when in reality, he’s overzealous security guard.”

The Most Colorful Time of Year (airing December 9, 8/7c) “Ryan is a elementary school teacher, who learns that he is colorblind. Michelle, an optometrist and mother of one of his students, helps bring color into his life in time for the holidays. Starring Katrina Bowden and Christopher Russell.”

Christmas Class Reunion (airing December 10, 8/7c) “High School classmates, who once dubbed themselves the “cursed class,” reconnect at Christmas for their 15-year reunion. Over the course of their time reconnecting, the classmates challenge each other to remember who they were, who they are, and who they want to be.”

Holiday Heritage (airing December 16, 8/7c) “Ella returns to her hometown to mend fences with her fractured family. With the help of Griffin, her ex-boyfriend, she encourages her family to celebrate Christmas and Kwanzaa and to heal their past wounds before it’s too late.”

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (airing December 17, 8/7c) “A former actress trying to break into directing tests her skills with a town’s annual Christmas Eve courtroom production in which the true authorship of the famous poem “A Visit from St. Nick” is debated.”

Hanukkah on Rye (airing December 18, 8/7c) “A matchmaker connects Molly and Jacob, but their new romance is put to the test when they realize that they are competing deli owners. Will a Hanukkah miracle keep them together? Starring Yael Grobglas, Jeremy Jordan and Lisa Loeb.”

Which movie or movies are you planning to watch this Christmas season?


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