A Tuesday In May

Today is Tuesday. 

I’m writing and reflecting on the day just as the last of them (my husband) has ventured down the hall towards bed. There are so many evenings that I sit in this exact spot and start continue to feel awful about how the day has gone. The reflection turns inward and into an unstoppable, twirling, painful screw until I’m filled with holes; all of the hopes of a fresh start in the morning ooze out and puddle on the floor beside the couch.

Cheery, isn’t it?

I could have handled that better.
I shouldn’t have raised my voice.
I served canned green beans for dinner. Again.
There are dirty dishes in the sink.
Traffic was awful.
I didn’t exercise today. 
I can be a better friend.

In the mire of parenthood, it can be difficult to see out. I mean, has your day ever completely *sucked* by 7:30am? I can recall many-a-day that went to hell in the proverbial hand basket before anyone got out of the door. OR the bed.

Today is Tuesday.

I’m writing because while I raise my stereotypical glass of wine to myself for merely surviving *those* days, I want to remember *these* days (exist), too. Everyone was ready to leave this morning BEFORE it was time to go. My daughter got an “A” on her math test. Traffic was light. She had no homework. We ate dinner at the table together after the kids played outside without fighting (for the most part) for the better part of the long, summer afternoon.

He invented in the bath. 

We colored together after baths and shared our Highs and Lows. We prayed for friends and thanked God for family. He got out of the bed for an extra hug (but wiped my “wet” kiss off of his cheek) before falling asleep. I had a pretty good hair day and only one (almost) noticeable zit. There was nothing special about today – nothing extraordinary to catalogue or mark on the calendar. There is also no formula to follow to repeat it. I want to hang on to pieces of this Tuesday and remember that hard days don’t earn us badges … and that complaining about hard days doesn’t earn us peace. 

My husband and I happened upon this movie again recently. Watching it was feel-good validation that life can be grand and horrible and both can come in doses that are difficult to choke down. I’m ready to take a big bite out of tomorrow and feeling thankful for today.

Today is Tuesday.

Kristen is still in the middle of her love story. She and her best friend of four years gave in and finally decided to date. Two years later, she was engaged. Two years after that, she was married. She’ll celebrate her 17th wedding anniversary this May. Mom to Ellen (8) and James (5), she works full time in Human Resources outside of the home. Her children have taught her that motherhood is hard. And wonderful. And HARD. A proud alum of LSU and Johnson and Wales University, she also collects college degrees. (BS in Psychology, AS in Culinary Arts and BS in Culinary Nutrition). She’s lived in Baton Rouge a majority of her life, with sojourns in New Orleans, Charleston, SC and Providence, RI. The south is clearly home. Recovering from a nearly crippling case of adolescent insecurity, she is still the most likely to have the heel of her shoe caught in the hem of her pants.


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