Air Fryer Recipe :: Cinnamon Toast Pumpkin Seeds

So Halloween has come and gone, and we carved a minimum of three pumpkins around here! While we use the pumpkin guts in our chicken or veggie stock, the kids always beg for roasted pumpkin seeds! We’ve had good years and mediocre years. But this year, we hit it out of the park!!

Now, I’m not a big recipe person and we were kind of winging it, so I do t have super precise measurements for you but here’s the gist:

We started by boiling the seeds in slightly salted water for 5 minutes.

Strain them pat them dry and now it’s time to get to work!

1 1/2 c pumpkin seeds
2-3 tbs olive oil
Generously sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. We used Cinnamon Toast Crunch sugar mix because Santa provided it in last year’s stocking.
A dash of salt — because if Duff Goldman has taught me anything, it’s that sweet should always have a dash of salt.

Then we tossed them in the air fryer on 350° for about 13-14 minutes, stirring in the middle.

Once they were thoroughly toasted we spread them out on a baking sheet and sprinkled them with the same cinnamon sugar mixture again. Let them cool and then put them in a mason jar for safekeeping.

Except they weren’t safe because I absolutely cannot stop eating them and neither can the kids!

Give this recipe a try and let me know if you love it as much as we do!

Trix Raney
Trix started her life in Georgia after living in Myrtle Beach, Tahoe City, and Nashville, her (now) husband wrangled her into a life of Bayou living here in Baton Rouge. She’s the mother of six; a vivacious 9 year old, a curly haired 6 year old, their hurricane of a youngest 4 year old, and 3 sweet babes taken far too soon. She’s well versed in potty humor & innuendos while perfecting the art of sarcasm on the daily. When she’s not busy living the home school life, complete with yoga pants & coffee she is running her business Rane or Shine Designs.


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