Ana is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Out of passion for learning, she started traveling to all sorts of different places. Fifteen countries later, she has now settled in Baton Rouge and works for a local architecture firm. Graduate school at LSU presented her not only with tools to advance in architecture but also with a deeper understanding of the culture and geography of Louisiana. It is a fascinating state, and Baton Rouge, as its capital, does not disappoint. Ana is currently starting her journey to a country she has never been to before: motherhood (except if you count a dog, a cat, and a fish). You can find her coming up with a myriad of house projects, trying new restaurants in town, park-hopping with her beagle, or enjoying a good movie with her husband.

Foucault, Michelle Obama, and the Postpartum Body

It might sound like Foucault, Obama, and postpartum have no connection, but they do. Hear me out. Foucault studies power dynamics and how certain social and political structures can dictate the lives of individuals. For...

Unpopular Opinion: I Don’t Mind if My Child Learns to Curse

When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started to watch my words. Not swearing around children seems to be a widespread social agreement, so my first instinct was to repress any bad...

The 3 Things That Changed My Breastfeeding Experience

Disclosure :: This post was sponsored by Woman’s Hospital and published in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week.  The 3 Things That Changed My Breastfeeding Experience Breastfeeding wasn't something I was very concerned with during pregnancy. I was generally...

Surviving the First Weeks Post-Partum :: Learn From My Mistakes

Pregnancy had taken such a toll on me that I thought somehow after my baby was born I would jump out of bed, go eat sushi and have several glasses of wine. Cute. I...

Our Birth Story: Learning to Surrender.

My nature, for the most part, is to worry, collect data, worry some more, create multiple scenarios in my head, worry even more, make a plan for each possibility I can imagine, and then...