Brittany is a native of Baton Rouge, where she lives with her husband, Jamy, and their two young children. She is a full time mom to her truck obsessed son, Hudson (3) and her cheerful daughter, Holland (10 Months).They are active members of their church, First Presbyterian Church of Baton Rouge and enjoy spending their spare time with family and friends. Brittany is passionate about reading, photography, fashion and most recently, learning to sew. She has also spent the last four years chronicling the ups and downs of being a new mom at petitecomeaux.wordpress.com.

7 Reasons To Not Be The Rude Mom

Whether it’s at the grocery store, driving in traffic or a Facebook message board, you’ve all encountered her. You may have even been ‘her’ a few times ( I know I have ). I’m...

Does Your Kid YouTube? {Surprise Eggs, Un-boxing and Other Weird Delights}

I know mine does... Thanks to YouTube, Easter eggs are no longer referred to by their proper name in our home. Instead they go by "Surprise Eggs!" When I became pregnant with my second child, most days...

Parenting Through Mental Illness

I had my first panic attack at nine years of age. I awoke from a weird dream one morning that left me feeling unsettled. As I began to get dressed for the day I...

Owning the Guilt

My son, Hudson, came into my life with a sensitive heart and a needy personality. Needing constant contact, love and attention. To be completely honest, this quality of his drove me insane. If I...