Lindy Lindenmayer

Lindy grew up in Thibodaux, LA. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at LSU, then moved to Dallas where she worked at a design firm and obtained a degree in Photography. 11 years ago, she and her husband finally settled in Baton Rouge again, so they could be close to their LSU Tigers. Lindy is a mother of 3. Her favorite day of the week is Sunday. Her favorite things about Sundays are worshiping Jesus and long-lasting brunches at Superior with family and friends.

Dear Tiny Yogurt Handprint

Dear Tiny Yogurt Handprint, This is the 5th morning you and I meet like this at my dresser drawer. It makes me chuckle, because there was once a time when the first sight of you...

You Don’t Know My Son

Some of the best insight comes from asking for input from people in our lives who have been there, done that. Looking to seasoned moms for help can be a real asset to first-time...