Marguerite is a teacher taking a break from the four walls of the classroom to teach her two beautiful boys (ages 3 and 1) in their home (as well as the park, library, grocery store, etc.). Most days, Marguerite can be found sharing in the simple joy of trying a new food or splashing in a puddle, drying tears from a scrapped knee, or trying to paint or garden with two babies at her feet. She is a huge advocate of early childhood development and a big supporter of the idea that our children are our future. She works each day to help foster an environment that helps her children grow into kind, productive citizens. Marguerite is also a big fan of community and the idea that “it takes a village.” Her husband, Nick, of six years and her are constantly looking to widen and deepen the community in their lives. Marguerite choses to write for RSMB in order to share with other moms how wonderfully messy her life can be and that no parent should feel alone in this journey of motherhood.
gift giving

The Other Side of Gift Giving

All my life I have enjoyed the gift giving aspect of holidays. I love that you can share your time and thoughts with a loved one through the celebration of a gift exchange. I might...

Healthy Kids, Happy Kids

People often comment on how well my children eat; how surprised they are to see my children eat fresh veggies and fruits as a preferred snack.  It got me thinking the other day about how...

Making a Paycheck Without Making a Paycheck

I work ALL. DAY. LONG. But I don’t get a paycheck in the mail OR directly deposited into my account! I think I should be referred to as a “work at home mom” instead...

Being a Perfectionist and a Mom Don’t Mix Well. Choose One.

I want to do it all perfectly. They say you only live once, so why not do it, right, right?!?! The struggle is real. The constant overthinking and analyzing. The incessant self reflection and critical mindset. The googling...

Watch What You Are Reading :: How I Choose Children’s Literature

Books are HUGE in my household. Ever since I began studying early childhood education, I have collected children's literature. My children were bound to love reading. And they do - especially my first born. It...