Strong willed and determined since a little girl, this mom of three, wife, worship leader, writer, and career woman, believes dreams come true if you do the work. Nikyla hails from St. Louis, Mo, the “show me” state. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Southern University. She is a certified teacher and currently teaches at Louisiana Connections Academy. Her time out of the office is filled with family, friends and faith. She adores her three children Kyre, K’mya, and Kris and has been married to her childhood sweet heart Remiah Trask for fourteen years. Nikyla is currently a worship leader at Anchor Chapel in Baton Rouge. She has always been passionate about the things she sets her mind to. Her story of victory over severe anxiety disorder, after her third child, is truly one you must hear to believe. It will transform the way you view people with mental illness and even the way you view yourself. She is the founder of the mental health campaign entitled Be Brave. Writing has become a form of therapy for her, and the stories she shares are always honest, heartfelt, and transparent. Read more of Nikyla’s Brave Blogs here.

Lock Them Up & Throw Away The Key {Trying To Survive Motherhood}

Motherhood is tough, no doubt about it. As if there isn't enough to worry about with our kids, we also have to worry about hiding the Tide pods from our teenagers, and I recently...

Simply Yes (Why I Don’t Force My Kids to Say Yes Ma’am)

Recently while perusing Facebook, in my not so free time, I came across a post from a good friend. This friend always has the cutest post about her kids, and this time was no...

When Students Walk Out {Thoughts From a Teacher}

Sometimes you see them standing on a corner or waiting for a bus. Sometimes you see them on a basketball court or baseball field. This week, you saw them marching in the streets, walking...

Never Stop Dating Your Daughter

The invitation... He came up to me in the church hallway and said, "what are you doing this Tuesday?" I said, “I have to take the princess to dance.” He replied, “I need you to help me...

Before She Was Mama

It’s true, that like many other daughters turned mothers I know, I like to give my mom a hard time. In a "know it all, only slightly agitating, but we still have a great...

Why Reform of ALL Kinds Is Worth Discussing

Why are we in a debate about this? We have seen this story far too often. Something tragic happens, and the world pays attention for a few weeks, but no real change takes place. After the...

I Thought It Was a Kids’ Channel

I pride myself on being accepting and tolerant. I don’t have to agree with your lifestyle choices to love you or even like you. I teach my children to “Love God and Love People”...

Double Digits (Crossing Over to the Pre-Teen Years)

It is the night before your 10th birthday. The night before the fast track train to the teen years would start. You see, I had been here before already. Your older brother had taken...

So This is Christmas?! {School Program Fail}

Author’s Note :: To ensure accuracy, I acknowledge that the written song lyrics do not state “black Jesus.” That said, many students including my own daughter were visibly confused by the dialect. The lyrics...

Celebrating Our Differences {Why Black Girl Magic Is So Important}

Many of us would love to live in a world where color is a non-issue. The truth is, though, we don't and that is okay. I actually quite enjoy living in a world where...

I Promise I Don’t Love My Daughter More

I am the proud mom of three. I have two boys and one girl. My boys are bookends, and my girl is sandwiched right in the middle. (Birth order struggles) No, seriously it's quite...

Confessions of a Dance Mom

I must confess. I'm tired! The kind of tired that coffee would need to be pumping through an IV bag to cure. When you are a "dance mom" you have to find a way...