Tessa Stuard

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, currently living in Central, LA with my family. I am married to my husband of 7 years, Alva. We have four children, Jakoby (6), twins-Kirby and Camp (4), and Ella Ray (1). I am a Pediatric RN, BSN turned stay at home mom. I am an extreme extrovert that loves spending time with my hubby, kiddos, camping, mani/pedis, crafts, sushi, watching baseball and pretty much anything that gives me a good excuse to have a margarita!

6 Easy Mom Hacks to Cure the Sibling Blues

Being a momma of four isn't always easy. I have had to learn how to diffuse lots of different situations in my house. One of the biggest issues in our house is sibling fights/arguments....

From Hot Mess to Hot Mom

If you’re a mom, you know how difficult it is to not look like you just rolled out of bed. With 4 little ones, it’s almost impossible to get out the house without someone’s...

Separation Anxiety and How We are Dealing With it

I have four-year-old twins, one boy and one girl. My boy has been on the struggle bus hard lately. He has had a lot of feelings that little kids shouldn’t have to worry about....

Please Stop Judging My Book By Its Cover

If you look at my book of life, the cover is bright and vibrant, full of smiling faces that show no problems. And truly our life is good. We are blessed, but we have...

Five Easy Ways to Combat Daily Mom Anxiety

1. A Planner:: A good planner does a world of good. Mine has a block calendar in the front and then a detailed day view along with a to-do list to help keep my house...

The Rabbit Hole of Motherhood: Have You Been Down It?

Before I had a husband and children of my own, I was a very laid back, easy-going person. I’ve always been super routine and planner oriented, but I could still go with the flow....

What The World Needs Now Is Grace

Our world has changed so much in the past year. Nothing that we are used to is normal anymore but this IS our normal, for now anyways. I am a big believer in choosing...

Little Eyes are Always Watching

Being a mother to a girl is one of the most influential positions that God gives you as a woman. You may feel a lot of times that the things you do go unnoticed...

This House Loves the Elf and I’ll Tell You Why

I absolutely love Elf on the Shelf and the Christmas magic it brings along. It’s so much fun as a mother to see the excitement every morning when they all run around together to...