Tessa Stuard

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, currently living in Central, LA with my family. I am married to my husband of 7 years, Alva. We have four children, Jakoby (6), twins-Kirby and Camp (4), and Ella Ray (1). I am a Pediatric RN, BSN turned stay at home mom. I am an extreme extrovert that loves spending time with my hubby, kiddos, camping, mani/pedis, crafts, sushi, watching baseball and pretty much anything that gives me a good excuse to have a margarita!

Appreciate a Teacher Today!

As a pediatric nurse, I’ve always had a MAD respect for teachers and what they do. We used to joke as nurses, when the kids got their kid energy back it was time to...

Social Media Has Broken Our Social Filters

If you need a filter to make something look perfect, social media is where it’s at. It can make you look however you want to look. Completely unrecognizable. On the other side of the...

Easter Basket Ideas::No Candy Edition

I know that Easter is usually all about chocolate bunnies and lots of candy, but I have been trying to limit sugar and dyes for my kids recently because I have noticed a huge...

Disruptive Mood Disorder: How We Try To Make it a Little Less Disruptive!

Family Rules We implemented a list of three family rules that were most important to our family. We read them to the kids to let them know the expectations and also the consequences for breaking...

Caring: It’s What’s For Dinner

When I had my twins, my cousin and her husband made an insane amount of frozen chicken enchiladas to have in the freezer. It was probably one of the most caring and best things...