Back to School Teacher Gifts

I’m a firm believer that a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. When my children go back to school each year, I always like to start off by sending their teachers just a little “happy” to let them know that we appreciate the preparation they have put in before the year even starts. My hope is that they not only know how thankful my husband and I are for them, but that this is also the beginning of a positive partnership we’ll have together working towards mutual goals for my children.

Here are some simple ideas to help you treat your child’s new teacher:

  • Plant: A small potted plant will brighten up any classroom. The children can help her/him water the plant all year and it will serve as a reminder just how much you appreciate them. My favorite slogan for a tag to add to a plant or flowers is “Thank for helping me grow this year!”
  • Thank You Notes/Stationary: Teachers write a lot of notes! Get your child’s teacher a stash of note cards or stationary that they can use all year long. If you’re ahead of the game, you could even order personalized stationary with his/her name on them.
  • Necessities Stash: Teachers aren’t able to step out for a break or to run an errand very often. Gather up items you think a teacher would need in a day such as: a lint roller, stain remover, extra hair ties, headache medicine, a couple of snacks, etc.
  • Favorite Things Form: Knowing what a teacher actually likes is the key to treating them all year long. Send a “Favorite Things” form to your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year for them to fill out and send back. Once he/she sends it back to you, share it with the rest of the parents in the class. If you know their favorite snacks, restaurants, hobbies, stores, drinks, etc., you’ll have plenty of ideas about how to treat them throughout the school year.
  • Family Favorite Book: A teacher can never have enough books. If your child or family has a favorite book that they enjoy reading again and again, gift a copy of the book to your child’s teacher. There are a couple of benefits to this gift: you’ve added to the teacher’s library, your child will have access to their favorite book at school, and you’ve shared something personal about your child with his/her teacher.
  • Note: Writing a note or email to let the teacher know how much you look forward to partnering with him/her and how thankful you are that they have committed to helping your child grow is the perfect way to open communication right away. I always like to include how I will be praying for them and for the class.

Teachers don’t need extravagant gestures, but like anyone else, they appreciate the thought. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a big impact. How do you plan to kick off the year with your child’s new teacher?

Ashley V
After leaving Cajun Country, traveling over the Basin Bridge and through the woods, Ashley became an official Baton Rougian in 2005. At LSU, she pursued a teaching degree and eventually attended graduate school studying child development and families. She married her high school sweetheart in 2012 and they still feel like two crazy kids in love… except way more tired and with more wrinkles. Ashley is a mother to two handsome, busy boys, ages five and three, who keep her love tank filled and her energy level below zero. Ashley runs off of a lot of prayers and a considerable amount of Diet Coke. She loves family outings, dates with her husband (especially when it involves uninterrupted conversations and good food), being creative, all things LSU, and taking entirely too many pictures of her children. After working as a kindergarten teacher for nine years, she fulfilled a long-time dream of opening a Christian school that could meet the needs of many children in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. In 2019, she co-founded Agape School of Baton Rouge, where she serves as Head Administrator.


  1. Thank you for writing this, Mrs. Viltz! I’ve always struggled with what to do at the beginning of the school year- this gives me clarity. ❤️


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