Back to School :: Tips from a Teacher

back to school tips from a teacher

August has always been my favorite time of year: a new school year. The shoes are brand new, the uniforms fresh, and the supplies just WAITING to be labeled. 

Going back to school is my super bowl. I mean, my passion for teaching and flare tip pens obviously led me to this profession. But for many of you, it can be a bit overwhelming. I know you are PUMPED up to ship your kid off for eight hours a day and finally find a routine. But how is a good grove found? Let me help you.


Start early bedtime and early wake-up time NOW. You do not want it to be the night before school starts and face a tantrum over an early bedtime….or worse late to school for an oversleeping, exhausted peanut. Get those bodies adjusted now!!!!


Start planning and chatting about the year with your kiddos. Mention their teachers by name. Talk about the friends they already know (or will soon meet) in their classes. Build up that excitement for the cafeteria food now. YAY for trying new things!


Let your child talk. How are they feeling about going back to school? Their feelings are always important, even if they are dreading the start of school. Let them tell you everything they are feeling. Then do your mom magic and find that ONE thing that they can look forward to on the first day.


Pack up that backpack. Lay out those shoes. Find the school-approved pair of socks. Try on those belts. Have everything you need for school in one spot so there is no running around shouting “someone to please find the _________” on the first morning.

The first day of school is a big deal for children of all ages. There are so many emotions felt by parents, teachers, and students on this day. Do what you can to ease this transition for your kiddos. You will be grateful, and so will they!

Kelli DeLarue
Kelli DeLarue has never met a stranger. She is personable and enjoys learning new things—especially when it comes to navigating motherhood. Kelli and her husband, Carson, welcomed their first son, Henry, in August of 2020. Baby boy number two is on the way! Kelli‘s passion is teaching. She has been a teacher in the Baton Rouge area for four years. She just decided to hang up the teaching hat and go full time mom. She enjoys reading books to her son, eating great food with her husband, and going to mass with her family.. One of Kelli’s great joys is sharing advice, life hacks, and encouragement. She hopes that her blog posts can help fellow moms feel supported and welcomed.


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