Basic Invite :: Answered Prayer for this Paper-Loving Mom

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Basic Invite

Basic Invite :: Answered Prayer for this Paper-Loving Mom

I am someone who, in a word, loves all things paper. Ok maybe not all things. I’m not talking about receipts or paper basic invite holiday cardbills (ew) — I’m talking about BEAUTIFUL paper. Wedding invitations, birthday cards, stationery, holiday cards — you name it, I love it. And I don’t care how electronic our world gets — I will always send out Christmas cards and birthday invitations IN THE MAIL. It makes me happy to get fun stuff in my mailbox and is such a rarity these days. 
Ok so I spend a lot of time “in production” of my paper — whether it’s our Christmas card or birthday invitations for my daughter or a baby shower I am throwing, I spend time constructing the perfect text as well as the perfect design scheme. But I don’t have a graphic design background, so I am often at the mercy of a graphic designer who may or may not understand my creative vision or I have to just purchase a template that “works” but I may not be in love with. It can be frustrating — I know what I want, but I don’t necessarily have the tools or skills I need to execute. Enter Basic Invite. 

What sets Basic Invite apart from all the other online paper companies out there is that you can completely customize your design down to the very last detail! For someone who is detail-oriented practically foil_holidays_2016to a fault, this is absolutely perfect!! I can start with one of the hundreds of gorgeous templates and change the wording, fonts, spacing, colors, etc. to my heart’s content — making it a one-of-a-kind design all my own. Music to my ears!! 

Something else that is very important to me: quality. I don’t want to spend time on a flawless design only for the paper itself to fall flat (little paper humor for ya right there). Basic Invite uses the highest quality card stock around — none of that flimsy cheap stuff that just doesn’t do photos or a pretty design any justice. And unlike other sites, Basic offers a printed sample (as well as an instant online preview)– a real value and necessity (in my humble opinion) if you’re printing something as important as a wedding invitation or the like. 

It’s not too late to order and send out holiday cards (Happy New Year cards are fun too – so edgy!), and with Basic it will be an easy, beautiful way to do so. Right now they’re offering 30% off their selection of over 280 holiday designs – simply use code holi30

Want to learn more about Basic Invite? Check them out:: 

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Happy creating! 

Fleur (which rhymes with ‘blur’ and is French for “flower,” in case you were wondering) is a former media relations and marketing professional happily turned mommy to two daughters, a spunky, sweet toddler and a roly-poly infant that is pure sunshine. She always assumed she would return to work full-time after maternity leave, but the role of Mother grabbed her by the soul, and she has been lucky to remain at home while still having an outlet as a freelance writer and the managing editor here at Red Stick Moms. A wandering heart to the core, Fleur and her husband of 10 years have traveled and lived in many places, but are happy to have returned home to Baton Rouge shortly after the birth of their first child. Based on her choices when it comes to motherhood and parenting, Fleur would likely be dubbed a “crunchy” mama, but her husband would just call it making things more complicated than they have to be…for the good of their daughters, he would TOTALLY add {wink wink}. Fleur loves Jesus, coffee, languages and words, hilarity that comes with honest conversations about this crazy little thing called life (solidarity, Sisters), photography, and the idea of sleeping through the night. She'd really love to sleep through the night.


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