Basis Baton Rouge Materra earns the coveted “A” Rating: A Closer Look at their Academic Achievement

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Basis Baton Rouge Materra earns the coveted “A” Rating: A Closer Look at their Academic Achievement

Basis Baton Rouge Materra earns the coveted “A” Rating: A Closer Look at their Academic AchievementBasis Baton Rouge Materra, nestled in the East Baton Rouge Parish School District, has recently achieved an exceptional milestone by earning a coveted “A” rating. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the school’s innovative approach to education and rightly deserves celebration. The process of assigning an A rating is rigorous and involves an evaluation of various aspects of the school’s academic performance. In Louisiana, a school’s overall letter grade, known as the School Performance Score (SPS), is based on the following factors:

  • A large portion of the rating is based on state assessments including the students’ Leap Test performance. The Leap Test serves as a benchmark for academic proficiency, measuring students’ knowledge and skills across various subjects.
  • Another segment of the score is determined by students’ progress throughout the academic year. This component reflects the school’s commitment to continuous improvement and highlights the importance of tracking individual student development over time.
  • A small percentage is based on the Credit Accumulation Index, an innovative metric that gauges how many credits students go on to earn in high school. This forward-thinking approach emphasizes the long-term success of students beyond the middle school years, promoting a holistic view of academic achievement.

BASIS Baton Rouge Materra is a tuition-free, public charter school that caters to students in grades K–9 within the East Baton Rouge Parish School District. As a proud member of the BASIS Charter Schools network, which has been providing world-class education since 1998, BASIS Materra is dedicated to nurturing a love of learning and natural curiosity.

The school’s curriculum is STEM-infused and grounded in liberal arts, offering a well-rounded educational experience that propels students toward success. The faculty and staff at BASIS Materra are committed to creating an environment where students can thrive academically and personally. Adding to the school’s impact is Principal Jared Lamb, who gained widespread recognition this year for his “rolling cart” principle. This innovative approach, which went viral on Tiktok and was featured on, involves Principal Lamb using a rolling cart to bring the principal’s office directly to students and teachers. This hands-on and accessible leadership style exemplifies the school’s commitment to creating an engaging and supportive learning environment. Since Principal Lamb is able to be present in the halls and classrooms, he gives 2000 – 4000 high fives per day to students and staff, spreading positivity. Before employing this rolling cart strategy, Principal Lamb says his role as principal was much more reactive than proactive. As a principal with an ever-growing to do list, this pivot in strategy helped him prioritize what matters most: the students.

Basis Materra’s A rating is a culmination of dedicated staff, a strong commitment to academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, and a student-centric approach. By focusing on Leap Test performance, progress throughout the year, and the Credit Accumulation Index, the school demonstrates a forward-thinking perspective on student success. With the visionary leadership of Principal Jared Lamb and his staff, Basis Materra continues to set a high standard for educational excellence in the East Baton Rouge Parish School District.

To learn more about the exciting things happening at BASIS Materra, please visit their website.


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