BASIS.ed is Coming to Baton Rouge!

Red Stick Moms Blog is thrilled to partner with BASIS.ed, a dynamic American educational network that manages world-quality schools. 

We’re on our way!

You spoke, we listened, and now BASIS is coming to you! Join the many families nationwide who have given their children the gift of a world-class education through BASIS.ed-managed charter schools! In partnership with Woman’s Hospital, and with the help of local community agencies like New Schools for Baton Rouge, we have founded a new home in your community and invite you to join us for an informational session on how YOU can enroll your children in one of the nation’s top-performing educational institutions!

Who We Are

basis.edBASIS.ed-managed charter schools have been consistently ranked among the best schools in the United States, providing a tuition-free education to all students and preparing them to achieve at globally competitive levels. The secret to our success lies with our teaching model and curriculum. Classrooms in grades 1-4 operate using a co-teaching model consisting of Subject Expert Teachers with four-year degrees in their fields, from physics to history, and Learning Expert Teachers with four-year degrees in learning and pedagogy. It is our strong belief that our teachers’ high-level subject matter expertise, coupled with a deep-rooted passion for sharing their knowledge with their students, is what makes our teachers the best in the business. Through engaging and effective lesson plans, our Subject Expert Teachers and Learning Expert Teachers jointly employ a curriculum that spirals content downward from AP classes to kindergarten, so that important topics are revisited in subsequent years and both students and teachers know exactly where they are headed. The result? A 100 percent student acceptance rate to four-year universities, an 85 percent AP exam pass rate compared to the national average of 57.5 percent, and top-ten rankings year over year in U.S. News & World Report.

In addition to top performance on a global level, BASIS students are also the happiest! BASIS charter schools give both students and teachers an opportunity to be themselves, and provides them with the best environment to do so. When compared to their peers on an international level, students at BASIS.ed-managed charter schools were the most satisfied with their teachers. Vist our website HERE for more information on how BASIS schools perform against other top-rated schools.

Why Baton Rouge?

The simple answer is that there just aren’t enough high quality, tuition-free schools in Baton Rouge. With such limited options in school choice, parents must either choose a traditional public school or an expensive, tuition-based school. Of the 10 A-rated schools in Baton Rouge, only two are open enrollment. BASIS is here to change that. We believe that every child should have the access and opportunity to a world-class education, which is why we are committed to serving the Baton Rouge community by bringing an accelerated academic program that prepares students for global opportunities in college, career, and beyond.

Come learn more!

Have we gotten your attention? Good! Don’t wait until the last minute to find out what BASIS is all about. Join us for an informational session on March 21st at 6pm on the Woman’s Hospital campus to learn more about who we are and how we plan to transform education in Baton Rouge! RSVP Today


  1. I think it’s only fair to see both sides of the same coin before making such a huge decision as this. Give this a read. My son is always on the honor roll and usually keeps a straight A average. He also has ADHD, and after reading this blog, I don’t think I’m still interested in Basis. You be the judge for your own child.


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