Behind the Desk: Unveiling BASIS Mid-City’s New Visionary Leader

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Behind the Desk: Unveiling BASIS Mid-City’s New Visionary Leader

Behind the Desk: Unveiling BASIS Mid-City’s New Visionary Leader

Forget boring introductions! We snagged some quality time with Marissa Carroll, the new Head of School at BASIS Baton Rouge Mid City, to crack the code on what makes this school tick for EBR students. With over two decades of teacher and administrator credit under her belt (including a stint as the SPED Coordinator at BASIS Baton Rouge Materra), Marissa brings a passion for learning and a contagious enthusiasm that’s impossible to ignore.

What inspired you to become an educator, and how did you end up in a leadership role as a principal?

The spark that ignited my educator flame? Witnessing those “aha!” moments when a struggling student suddenly gets it. Seeing their faces light up with understanding – that’s pure magic.

As for leadership, it wasn’t about climbing some ladder – it was about building bridges. Connecting passionate teachers, igniting student excitement, and watching the whole community thrive. It’s the ultimate team adventure, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

How would you describe the school culture of BASIS Baton Rouge Mid City, and what values do you prioritize in your leadership?

The educators at our school embrace challenges, celebrate self-discovery, and sprinkle in enough fun to make learning feel like a thrilling adventure. That’s the BASIS Mid City vibe – positive, infectious, and fueled by a love of learning. As their leader, I prioritize two things: making sure every teacher feels like a superhero (because, let’s face it, they are!), and fostering a supportive environment where mistakes are stepping stones, not stumbles.

Are there any specific goals or initiatives you are currently focused on for the school’s improvement or growth?

We’re not just aiming for good grades at BASIS Mid City; we also want to unlock learning barriers and send every student soaring towards their personal academic best. ️That’s why we’ve brought in our team of reading and math specialists who specialize in personalized support and targeted interventions. They help students navigate their struggles, emerge victorious, and celebrate their “aha!” moments with high fives all around. At BASIS Mid City, like every BASIS Charter School, we know every student has the potential to be a learning champion, and our team is there to coach them every step of the way. It is, quite simply, what we do.

What are some of the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis and how do you handle them?

Every day at BASIS Baton Rouge Mid City is a puzzle – new challenges like missing puzzle pieces pop up all the time. The time crunch can be real, but I thrive on a good puzzle! Thankfully, a rock star faculty and staff, offering their expertise as educators and professionals, plus a helping hand wherever needed, makes it easier for me. It’s about being flexible, resourceful, and always ready to improvise. The fuel that keeps me going is to remember that even on the busiest days, it’s worth it when we’re all learning and growing together.

What are your favorite school traditions or events, and why are they meaningful to you?

We are a young campus, but traditions at BASIS Mid City are the fabric of our school spirit! This year, we unleashed the “Sneaker Ball,” where students donned gowns and suits with the coolest matching kicks you’ve ever seen. Seeing our students strut their stuff in those creative sneaker pairings was pure joy!

And every Friday morning, the gym transforms into a dance floor fiesta for our “Fun Friday Dance Party.” It’s the perfect antidote to the week’s grind and everyone’s at school early on Fridays in anticipation for the dance kickoff! These traditions aren’t just fun; they’re threads that weave us together, celebrating the triumphs of learning and reminding us that sometimes, vital lessons come with a beat and a smile.

Why would you recommend a Baton Rouge student attend BASIS Mid City?

The BASIS academic program has been educating students at the highest levels for more than a quarter century – yet it’s still nimble enough to pivot to exactly what a given school’s student body needs, with the teachers to support it. That’s what has happened over the past several years at our Mid City campus. Think of our classrooms as vibrant hubs where passionate teachers guide you through complex concepts, not just lectures. You’ll tackle challenging problems, engage in meaningful discussions, and develop critical thinking skills that will last a lifetime. But learning doesn’t end at the textbook – we have a thriving extracurricular scene with something for everyone, from engineering to Mandarin and martial arts.

If you’re a Baton Rouge student looking for a school that will push you academically, nurture your passions, and provide a community of friends and mentors, then come visit BASIS Baton Rouge Mid City. We’re confident you’ll find a place where you can truly thrive.

To learn more about BASIS Baton Rouge Mid City, schedule a tour at BASIS Baton Rouge Mid City | BASIS Charter Schools (

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