Bee Better with Bombas :: The Only Brand of Socks You’ll Ever Need

Disclosure :: Bombas sponsored this post. That said, we are darn lucky they spoiled us with socks because we are addicted to this brand!

Bee Better with Bombas :: The Only Brand of Socks You’ll Ever Need

A wise man once said, “One can never have enough socks.” I, for one, agree completely with Albus Dumbledore on this. As a work at home mom, I spend all day in comfy socks. And I can now say that I’ve found the comfiest socks out there! Bombas socks are exactly what you would imagine a a sock should feel like. The best part? My whole family agrees!

When I first started working from home, I had a plan. I would wake up early every day and get dressed and look immaculately put together. That lasted about a week before I realized that one of the biggest perks of working from home is getting to dress comfortably! Working in an office and wearing heels meant that my feet were ALWAYS cold. But now I have it made in the shade because I get to wear socks every day. As such, I’ve become quite particular about what I put on my feet. I’ve tried socks that are too thick, too thin, too scratchy, too fuzzy, too tall, too short. But now, I have socks that are just right. For me, it’s a super soft ankle sock that is thick enough to be cozy without making my feet hot. The honeycomb on the mid foot is a literal hug on my feet. I’m in sock heaven!

Bombas :: Even Your Kids Will Approve

My daughter is like most kids, picky about every little thing. It’s not uncommon for her to make several sock changes in the morning because her socks just don’t “feel right.” The most common culprit is a sock that has shifted just a tad causing an obnoxious seam to dig into her toe. Bombas apparently read my mind and came up with a way to make the seam soft so it doesn’t dig! Another issue is that her socks often fall down into the back of her shoes causing the shoe to rub the back of her ankle. Bombas ankle socks solve this problem with a blister tab to keep the socks up and prevent them from rubbing. But her favorite thing about her new socks? The fun colors!

Bombas :: Men Love Them, Too!

The person who needs his socks to work the hardest is my husband. He works in college athletics and often appears at several events each week. He spends literal hours on his feet, which often causes a lot of pain. He wore his Bombas to three events last week and when asked how they were, he gave the biggest compliment, “I didn’t notice them.” He went on to explain that if he can feel his socks, that means something is wrong or hurting. Not noticing the socks on his feet meant that his feet stayed cool and comfortable during a 12 hour work day!

I cannot wait to try all of the other styles. So far, we’ve only tried the ankle style, but Bombas makes socks from ankle to knee high. They offer athletic socks, casual socks, ski and hiking socks, and even dress socks. Whether you’re a white sock person or a match your socks with every outfit person, Bombas has you covered. You could (and should) replace your entire sock drawer with Bombas!

Bombas Gives Back Also

Still not sure that you need these socks? Other than the fact that you definitely do, there is one more thing that makes Bombas special. For every pair you purchase, Bombas donates a pair of socks to someone in need. They point out on their web page that socks are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. In fact, this is what motivated the creators of Bombas to start a sock company. They partner with shelters, community organization and groups like the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the Special Olympics to spread the love of fresh clean socks to Americans who need them most.

You’ll notice that the Bombas logo is a bee. The word Bombas is derived from the word bumblebee and their mantra is bee better. I just love the story behind the choice of the bee. They point out that individual bees are small, but that their collective actions have a major impact on the world. They knit “bee better” on the inside of each sock as a reminder that “little improvements can add up to make a big difference.” How could you not love that?!

Take advantage of the code “NOLAMOM” for 20% off your first order!

If you would like to order Bombas socks for you and your family, use code NOLAMOM for 20% off your first order. Your feet will be forever grateful.

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