Behind the Scenes of Motherhood {Stacy}

There are moments that are our everyday. They become so ordinary to us, such a part of our lives that we don’t even think about it. It’s those little moments of cuddles, getting ready for the day, and family dinners that seem like they don’t need to be documented because they are your normal. Those simple moments that you wish you could get a picture of, because you realize that those little moments don’t last forever. –TahJah Harmony, photographer


When I heard about the opportunity to have a lifestyle photographer come into our home and capture our daily life, I jumped all over it! I tell my husband all the time that I wish I had someone who could follow us around and capture all of the little moments in our life. Our sweet girl makes the craziest faces, she is the biggest helper, and she has such a great little personality (no bias here- it’s not like I adore her or anything!), but there are so many little moments that won’t even be captured in our memories. I was thrilled with the idea, but nervous about the reality.



My little one can be very shy- would she even be willing to take pictures? And the house! Our house is tiny, and not always spotless, with beds and toys arranged in the only way that they fit. But the excuses could wait because the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Turns out, the kid is a ham in front of the camera! She just had to show off all of her tricks and skills, from helping around the house to her favorite activities. TahJah made her immediately feel so comfortable, and the time flew by.
By the time I got to see the pictures, I had convinced myself that they would look terrible, or staged, or she’d include the one where I accidentally flipped the tricycle while she was riding it, or when she burned her hand helping to make coffee (true stories -glad there was a photographer for my mom of the year moments! We all have those, right? ;). I worried for nothing, though, as I realized that the pictures show a little girl who loved her life, and who couldn’t be more content.
If you ever have the chance to let someone in to objectively document your life, do it. You will be reminded of what is important to your children and your family.

Hear what TahJah had to say about Stacy’s shoot and see more photos over here on her blog. (See week 1 with Mandy’s family here and week 2 with Lisa’s family here.)

qwtileadHiya, my name is TahJah Harmony and I am the whimsical creative behind Quaint+Whim. Where I specialize in fine art lifestyle photography. I have a huge heart to document family portraits and motherhood. I believe that every family has a unique story, and the best way to capture that story is through photographs. I have a strong passion to keep my photos authentic to your everyday so when you look back on your photographs you can remember 10 years from now like it was yesterday.  Motherhood is something that means a lot to me even though I am not a mother, I was very fortunate to be an adult and watch my mom raise my baby brother (We are 19 years apart in age!). It gave me a whole new perspective on how to look at motherhood. Not from the eyes of being a mother, but from the eyes of being a daughter. I am so thankful for that gift.

Angela is the owner of Red Stick Moms Blog and a stay-at-home-mom to Jonah, a brilliant and imaginative 4 year old boy, Penelope, a super happy and adventurous 2 year old girl, and Elliot, their newest little boy who makes sure he is noticed. She and her husband Joshua started their family very early in their marriage but couldn’t imagine life any other way. She was born and raised in Baton Rouge, attended Baton Rouge High, and continued on as an LSU Tiger. After a few years away, she and Joshua decided to move back to Baton Rouge to raise their family. In between playtime, mealtime, and naptime, Angela loves to read design blogs, peruse Instagram, make lists, and find new places for her family to explore. She loves reaching out to other moms and making sure they know they are NOT alone in this crazy, exciting, wonderful journey of motherhood.



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