Blissful Sleep is Possible :: How a Sleep Consultant Can Help

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Bedtime Bliss Pediatric Sleep Consulting. The experiences relayed below are genuinely our own.

Blissful Sleep is Possible :: How a Sleep Consultant Can Help

Remember that time in our lives when sleep wasn’t something we longed for so much? We could sleep in until 9am on a Saturday morning and it was pure bliss, although we just didn’t know it at the time. Fast forward to parenthood!

Ahhhh, the days of sleep are long gone … BUT are they really?

What if I told you there is a caring person who will hold your hand while guiding you through the process of maximizing healthy sleep habits for your child? Scouring the internet for a “one size fits all” approach to helping a child sleep better is nearly impossible! There are so many methods and to know which is right for your child is mind boggling. Luckily, the option to have help truly does exist, and you can find this sanity-saver right here in Baton Rouge with Danielle Daly, the proud owner of Bedtime Bliss Pediatric Sleep Consulting. She works with children ranging in ages from newborn to age six.

Bedtime Bliss Pediatric Sleep Consulting 

Danielle is a trained sleep professional and member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants where the continued education about the science of sleep and industry standards are upheld. Her process when forming a collaborative partnership with a family simply begins with educating her clients about why healthy sleep is so important for a child’s well-being (as it is healthy for the whole household). Danielle takes an in-depth look at each child in terms of his / her age, development, current sleeping habits, sleep environment, feeding patterns and more. She guides her clients every step of the way, ensuring that parents are not alone during the process of implementing a customized sleep plan for their child. While we know that each situation is unique to that child, Danielle manages expectations along the way and prides herself on showing parents how to measure success in addition to what to expect for the future.

Client Testimonial

One of Danielle’s recent clients, Rebecca, shared her experience about process of working with Danielle for her baby boy, Levon. She initially heard about Danielle through a mutual friend while pregnant with him. She honestly didn’t think much of it (as most of us don’t … we just want to meet that sweet baby!) until she ran across a Facebook post for a seminar that was being offered at a local cafe. Levon was almost 5-months-old and his sleep habits had completely changed. Of course, after finishing what is referred to as the “fourth trimester” — a real thing — he no longer slept like a newborn. The smallest of noises would wake him, and the energy that was exerted to encourage him to return to sleep (pacifier, rocking, feeding several bottles a night) led to persistent waking, sometimes 4 times a night. Rebecca’s main concern was Levon and being a new mom, she wanted nothing but the best and most supportive environment for him to rest, grow and learn. She knew instinctively that getting a good night’s rest was very important for his little body. It can be misconstrued that sleep training is equivalent to leaving a child to cry alone, but that’s not the case at all.

The first step in the process with Danielle was setting up a free consultation phone call to get more information about what she had to offer and what the process looked like. Danielle was available to offer a tailored plan with consistent support via phone, text and email. She also kept track of Levon’s sleep patterns as they were logged in throughout the weeks they were working together. Rebecca began feeling optimistic and encouraged about the whole situation as she started to see progress on the second night, when Levon woke up only once during the early morning hours. Danielle was patient, understanding and gentle when it came to hearing the concerns that Rebecca had for her son.

Awesome Sleeper Status

After completing the process, Rebecca was excited to report that Levon has achieved “awesome sleeper status!” He typically sleeps 12 hours a night and wakes up happy and well-rested. Undoubtedly, extenuating circumstances will present themselves such as teething or illness, and adjustments can be made accordingly (just ask Danielle!) but consistency on the whole is the key to success. Rebecca’s favorite part of working with Danielle was the reassurance that she felt in doing what was best for her son and their family. Rebecca said that as a first-time parent, the support that was offered was so valuable and helped to boost her confidence as a mom. Support in any shape or form as a parent is welcomed and appreciated, especially for something as important as sleep because it leads to healthy functioning for everyone in the household. We highly recommend reaching out to Danielle to help you and your family find that sweet spot for “bedtime bliss” with your little one!

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Ericka is originally a New Orleans gal who was raised to begin many dishes with a roux. Since 2011, she has happily embraced the Red Stick life with her husband of seven years, Tyler. Although she met her husband at an LSU game after her car broke down, they both attended Northwestern State University where she graduated with a Business Administration degree. After graduation, she and Tyler took a leap of faith and tied the knot. She dabbled in the corporate scene but eventually returned to school to pursue her passion for teaching and earned a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. She taught at an inner-city school in Baton Rouge for 3 years where she gained a family of students and colleagues alike. She’s traded in her beloved Expo pens and clipboard to stay home with her sweet and adventurous one-year-old son, Cullen. She is so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the sisterhood of fellow moms. Motherhood has been the best roller coaster she’s ever been on and even at the most challenging times, she tries to remember to embrace the chaos and “bless this mess” mentality. Ericka loves a good conversation, coffee, empowering other women {because we can all use a little encouragement}, laughing, baking and making memories with her family.


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