A Boudoir Portrait Session : Yes, It is for YOU

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A Boudoir Portrait Session : Yes, It is for YOU!

“I can’t do Boudoir session because I’m not ___ (insert your self proclaimed shortcomings here).”

I hear it daily, I’m too fat, too skinny, too wrinkly, too much cellulite, too many stretch marks, I have no one to give these to, my teeth are crooked, I’m too pale, I’m too dark… You name it and I have heard the reason why someone has decided they weren’t “enough” for a boudoir portrait session. It’s time to quell these self sabotaging thoughts.

The truth is that you are more than enough! You are beautiful just how you are in this very moment. As women, especially moms, we give so much of ourselves daily to others we forget what it is like to focus on us and take time for self care. We forget what it is like to feel sexy and confident in our own skin. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut, mom, wife, employee, etc.. whatever that title is that you have given yourself. But let me tell you it is ok to give yourself permission to do something for you. In fact it is very healthy to do so. While I realize that a boudoir session will not end your life’s problems I think it is a pretty fun start!

Boudoir sessions are all about you! You are doing something that requires confidence and courage and that is admirable. Boudoir can be an awesome exercise in testing yourself to try something a little outside of your comfort zone and we know nothing new is gained inside of your comfort zone. This could literally be life changing! And you get to look super hot doing it, so there’s that! These sessions take you on quite a journey. It is an emotional roller coaster one of liberation and empowerment. It is a moment of vulnerability and the beginning of taking back the power that has been given to others. Tears are often shed, unhealthy bonds are broken and healing begins.

The bonus in all of this is that you have amazing portraits to share with your spouse or partner. They also get the gift that keeps on giving, your boost in self confidence, the physical images are just lagniappe. For once you see yourself in the same way that they see you everyday and that makes them happier than anything.

It is time as women and moms that we stop comparing ourselves to others. Stop seeing others perfections while they look in the mirror and see only their flaws. We need to come together, lift each other up and love one another. Let’s show our children what it is like to love ourselves unconditionally. They are watching and learning, would you want them to treat themselves they same way you do? I think most of us would say no.

Do I think boudoir photography is a fix or cure all for self esteem, confidence, body image, marriage issues, etc..? Nope! But I do think it’s a good step in self love and doing something for YOU that makes you feel beautiful!

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Missy conquers her world with her husband Scott and their 3 kids.  She is known for her laid back personality and ability to make others feel at ease. People often refer to her as someone they met a stranger but walked away feeling like they had known forever. She loves serving the world by empowering women to realize they are “enough” and know their worth. The things Missy is most passionate about in life are her family, photography, music and traveling. As the areas only exclusive boudoir photography studio, she photographs women who desire to embrace their bodies just the way that they are in this very moment. Her dream is for every woman to have beautiful portraits to remind them of the beauty others see in them everyday. She feels extremely lucky and honored to help guide them through their self love journey and give them the tools they need to fall in love with themselves everyday. When she is not busy working on photography, you can catch her at kids sporting events, reading the latest self help book, daydreaming about traveling, attending concerts and music festivals or squeezing in a yoga class!



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