Catching ZZZs … Can’t Recommend a Sleep Coach Enough

The first night of sleep training was rough. 42 total minutes of crying with mom popping in and out of the room to comfort my baby girl.

I kept telling myself, I’m doing this for her and for me! We both NEED sleep.

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Now, I can honestly say hiring a sleep coach was one of the greatest things I ever spent money on as a mom. Every night, we have a bottle, bath, jammies, story, zipped into sleep sack and my daughter is laid in the crib. She falls asleep independently and sleeps a glorious 11-12 hours each night. She may make a little noise once or twice in the night, but she immediately rolls over and goes back to sleep. I do not even have to get up!

In addition to the wonderful night sleep, my daughter now takes two solid one-hour naps in the day falling asleep independently. Before, her naps were erratic, from non-existent, to twenty-minute cat naps, to one long three-hour nap. She is now so consistent in her schedule which makes everyone happy!

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I have the support of my coach with questions, sleep research, and our personalized plan. I love having this resource to rely on. For example, last week, my daughter had an ear infection and she would cry after about an hour in bed laying flat because it hurt her ear. I texted my coach asking what age I could give her a pillow to relieve some of that pain from laying flat. She answered my text within minutes.

I can’t say enough positive things about what sticking through the program has meant for our family. Baby is well rested and is happier and eating better. Mom is well rested with the energy to exercise and take care of both kids while growing baby number three. Brother’s sleep isn’t interrupted throughout the night by loud crying from his baby sister. My relationship with my husband is better because we get that quality time back once both kids are in bed.

Good sleep restores our bodies and our brain as well as boosts our immune system. An investment in a sleep coach is an investment in your health and I’m so glad I made the investment.


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