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Baton Rouge is a big place that offers both the fun of a college campus (Geaux Tigers) and the amenities of a city. There’s a lot to see in and around Baton Rouge. Even if you’ve lived here all your life, there’s still a lot to discover in Louisiana’s capital.

If you’re leaving the house, there’s a good bet that Red Stick Mom has your activity covered, from indoor playgrounds to parks to restaurants to the events that everyone in Baton Rouge is talking about.

At Red Stick Mom, we have family fun in Baton Rouge for all seasons covered, as well as creative ideas for every member of the family. Our team of more than 25 Baton Rouge moms is always looking for activities, events, and inspiration for everything from how to host the perfect Baton Rouge birthday party for kids to hidden gems in Baton Rouge.

Each year, we publish an extensive list of summer camps options in and around Baton Rouge, keeping you informed about all of the best childcare choices for your Baton Rouge family. We’ve got an eye on the local Baton Rouge schools, helping parents make the best decision for their students. We’ll even help you find the best swim lessons in Baton Rouge.

Our writers live in and around Baton Rouge, so we’ve got a lot of experience finding the best things about living in Baton Rouge with kids. We’ve made it through countless weather events like the 2016 floods together and will always connect Baton Rouge moms to one another for assistance and support.

We know that living in Baton Rouge means choosing from a variety of neighborhoods and lifestyles, and we are here for it all. No matter where you live in Baton Rouge, and no matter where your kids go to school in Baton Rouge … Red Stick Mom is here to make life in Baton Rouge with kids easier and more fun!

Disclosure :: Special thanks to our sponsors, East Baton Rouge Parish Library and Ascension Parish Library for making this Ultimate Guide to Summer Fun in (and around) Baton Rouge possible! If you are looking for fun in Baton Rouge with kids, we have you covered, mama!There's nothing quite like summertime in Baton Rouge - the sun is shining warmly, schools are out, and there’s a certain joy that comes from having extra free time to explore your own city. Whether you’re looking for ways to keep the kids occupied or ideas on how you can make new memories while exploring our beloved city this summer, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to summer in Baton Rouge! From family-friendly activities and...
Looking for indoor activities in Baton Rouge? Look no further! There is no shortage of things to do with kids in Baton Rouge in general, but sometimes you specifically need an indoor activity. Whether it's too hot or too rainy, here are Red Stick Mom's top picks for family-friendly indoor activities in Baton Rouge. Of course, we also have suggestions for outdoor adventures in Baton Rouge, a list of activities to keep your Baton Rouge kids busy all summer and a guide to the best splash pads in Baton Rouge. Entertain the Kids Indoors in Baton Rouge Indoor Playgrounds, Inflatables and Climbing in Baton Rouge: Tumbles Baton Rouge North Sherwood Indoor Playland Lil Bambinos Playtorium Chee Chee's Playroom Chick-Fil-A Playlands: Burbank Jump...
2023 Red Stick Mom Teacher of the Year There are not enough ways to say THANK YOU for all that our beloved teachers have done for us and our children, especially over the last few years. Thank you for your flexibility, thank you for you putting in extra hours, thank you for coming up with creative lesson plans to keep your students engaged, thank you for spending your hard-earned money on classroom supplies. Thank you for your unending devotion to our children and our families. One small way we thought we could extend our appreciation is to honor one very deserving teacher with our 2023 Red Stick Mom Teacher of the Year title! Whether s/he teaches our little ones in preschool...
As I am writing this, I can feel the emotions wanting to just flow all out into my typing. The most recent results of the 1 cent Fund Proposition brought more than a 'no new tax' to the Livingston Parish. This small, literally 1 cent, tax increase was going to do so much for our local teachers. It isn't just the fact that they won't be receiving a pay raise, which they most certainly deserve, but its the fact that our community feels that our schools, or students, are not good enough for a penny. Now what? Disheartened Livingston Parish Teachers I have not only worked in the school system, but I come from a family of teachers and a school...
Hidden Gem 'Date Ideas' around Baton Rouge Being a mom of three boys, I'm looking for ways to get out to enjoy a romantic night out or an adventurous day away! Here are my favorite date 'things to do' around Baton Rouge. Sipping on cocktails, and eating dinner at sunset at Tsunami Downtown: This is one is a no-brainer! It's not a hidden gem, but I could not write this without putting this in here. There is nothing like a cocktail, martini, or glass of wine while eating delicious sushi and watching the sunset while viewing the river. Hiking at Tunica Hills: Not only can you view the birds and wildlife, horseback ride, but you can also hike three trails or...

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