We Flooded … and We’re STILL Married

We Flooded...and We're Still Married

Yep. We flooded, too. I jokingly called that pic above our “floodie.” It’s our street, after we hiked it to our house to assess the damage. We’re smiling because we’re together – and WHAT ELSE ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?!?

I’m writing from my in-law’s kitchen table after everyone is asleep. This is the ninth night away from my house and we haven’t reached a new normal yet. My children aren’t in their own beds and I’m headed for the pull-out sofa to join my husband after I finish this, but I’m SO thankful for a place where everyone is safe. I’ll go to work again in the morning (first day back was yesterday) and come home to my husband and children (and in-laws) at night.

I’ve been married to this man for 14 years, and there are so many things we want to do together. While demolishing the flood affected areas of our home was never even on my list, I’m glad we were there to support each other. And cry together (we both totally did). I also love it when I can make him laugh – especially at an inappropriate time. Or in an inappropriate way. [Pro tip: Don’t try to make jokes to cheer up your crying neighbors in the evacuation boat leaving your flooded houses. *I may or may not have done this.]  He’s wittier and funnier, so when he laughs at something I’ve done or said to provoke him, I feel a particular powerful high.

He loves me. I *know* it. He laughs at my jokes.

Before the flood, our life was good, but not super-easy. Two full-time jobs, two ACTIVE children, meetings, gotta-do-this, gotta-go-there, finally getting to sit down together at 9:00pm to take a deep breath … we thought that was hard. And then we flooded.

Chaos on top of chaos
One of our wet photos. Part of it has deteriorated, but we’re saving it because it totally fits. (Photo by Julep Studio)

I’ve cried. My temper is short. I’m living in someone else’s home (like many of you). My children can get on my nerves. I’m worried about the money – no flood insurance (like many of you). But we both remember that it’s for better or worse. I remember that HE is my home. I remember that I’m not angry with him – I’m mad about the situation. Really mad. And sad – that because we flooded, and both have to work, that we can’t be out there helping more people. If you’re married or have a partner, remember that you’re moving through this tragedy together. Reinforce those bonds that make you stronger. Listen to what your partner needs and DO THAT, like this gentleman:

Untitled design

You might even get some post-flood, pull-out sofa action.

Keep your sense of humor, y’all.

We’re certainly #louisianastrong, but “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.” – Truvy, Steel Magnolias

Kristen is still in the middle of her love story. She and her best friend of four years gave in and finally decided to date. Two years later, she was engaged. Two years after that, she was married. She’ll celebrate her 17th wedding anniversary this May. Mom to Ellen (8) and James (5), she works full time in Human Resources outside of the home. Her children have taught her that motherhood is hard. And wonderful. And HARD. A proud alum of LSU and Johnson and Wales University, she also collects college degrees. (BS in Psychology, AS in Culinary Arts and BS in Culinary Nutrition). She’s lived in Baton Rouge a majority of her life, with sojourns in New Orleans, Charleston, SC and Providence, RI. The south is clearly home. Recovering from a nearly crippling case of adolescent insecurity, she is still the most likely to have the heel of her shoe caught in the hem of her pants.



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