Fall into Style {Mommy Style}

Fall is here (even though in south Louisiana it is hard to tell)! With it comes pumpkin spice and all things nice. This is often one of the busiest times of year for families, and as a mom time is hardly ever on our side. In between chauffeuring kids, cooking meals, working jobs, and being wives it can be far too easy to slip into a style rut. Maybe you have traded your inner fashionista for yoga pants and dance mom/sports mom tees. Well I am a firm believer that when you look better you really do feel better. So here are a few tips of the season to help you "fall" into style.  Colors of the season: This season the...
P.S. (and this P.S. totally goes at the beginning) This is a sponsored post. Services from ALG Style and all of the photos are courtesy of Quaint+Whim. Oh, The Perks! {My Three Hours With ALG Style} So, picture this: You get to live in a fairy tale for an evening; two fashion fairy godmothers come to your house and help you go through your closet, shoes and accessories, all the while building you up by pointing out what looks great on you and magically making what doesn't disappear. (Your husband even takes the kids away for the majority of the evening.) The scary part? You have to let them in YOUR HOUSE and in YOUR CLOSET with a PHOTOGRAPHER and put the whole thing...

Fall Fashion for Moms

Did you feel that? I think the temperature dropped about 4 degrees. Either way, it was enough for me to pull out boots and start dreaming about pumpkin spiced everything. It also made me realize that my Fall wardrobe needs help, so I enlisted the help of my fashion forward friend, Instagram boutique owner, and all around awesome local mom Amanda Galatas. Here a few of her tips for transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall in Louisiana. Plaid is rad. This season plaid is everywhere. That doesn't mean you need to get a heavy flannel shirt. Look for something in a lightweight material that breathes. While you're at it roll up the sleeves and pair it with distressed jeans. Wrap it up. A lightweight...
Ok ladies!  Let's all admit that being a mom is exhausting.  That sometimes there are priorities and getting your kids dressed and presentable usually comes before yourself.  We can also say that every now and then if feels so good to get all dolled up for date night and feel amazing about yourself!  So what makes date night even better aside from freshly washed hair and an outfit other than mom jeans and a v-neck?....some ah-mazing makeup for that added touch! I recently started playing around with contouring.  You know, all the fabulous-ness you see all over Pinterest that looks way easier than it actually is?  I mean really, Kim K makes it look effortless and with Pinterest to help...
If you’ve spent much time in thrift stores (or sorting through donations for nonprofits or following a disaster), you know that our society is absolutely overrun with clothes. It’s a burden. It’s kind of jarring when you think about it that clothes are mass-produced, worn for a short time, then sent to languish on thrift store racks while they are still in good condition. It’s the definition of excess. Thanks to Macklemore, thrifting is becoming more popular but it’s still kind of stigmatized and there are still more clothes than we could ever need getting donated to thrift stores every day. At my favorite thrift store I regularly walk out with Banana Republic, J. Crew, Calvin Klein, and the...

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