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Louisiana is a popular tourist destination, and Baton Rouge welcomes thousands of visitors a year as a college town. We are often asked “is Baton Rouge kid friendly,” and “what should I do if I travel to Baton Rouge with kids?” The good news is that we have tons of resources for those who travel to Baton Rouge with their family in tow, like the ultimate guide to summer in Baton Rouge and this guide to visiting Baton Rouge with kids. Let Red Stick Mom offer you our tried and true family travel tips, recommendations, and ideas … both for families coming to Baton Rouge and those wanting to get away!

Our Baton Rouge mom writers have been all over the world and are here to recommend easy weekend trips, as well as more extensive vacations to places as unique as Utah! We love sharing family travel tips with Baton Rouge families because we know that it can be overwhelming to plan even a weekend getaway with kids.

Taking the kids to Disney? Here’s what to expect. Maybe you want to travel to Orlando and skip Disney. We share tips for how to do that, too. Or maybe you love Disney and want to take a Disney cruise. Red Stick Mom has been there, done that. Looking for creative road trip ideas from Baton Rouge? We have several family-friendly short distance vacations that are drivable with kids from Baton Rouge.

At Red Stick Mom, we don’t just tell you where to go on vacation but also how to get there and what to expect. We’re not just talking about where to go, we also look at how to get there. Whether you need mom hacks for road trips with kids or advice for flying with a baby, we have you covered.

Some of the most interesting family travel tips are the ideas that Baton Rouge moms have put together for easy road trips nearby. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast or hiking Tunica Hills, we are all about locations that are close to Baton Rouge and won’t break the bank. After all, sometimes the family travel tips we need the most are those ideas that are simple and budget-friendly. 

No matter where your Baton Rouge family decides to vacation next or how long you intend to stay, Red Stick Mom prides itself on sharing digestible and useful family travel tips to make planning your next getaway easy and stress-free!

Whether you are new to living in Baton Rouge with kids or have been in the area a while, welcome! Red Stick Mom is the premier parenting website for Baton Rouge moms and dads. Whether you are looking for a list of the best splash pads in Baton Rouge, where kids eat free in Baton Rouge or how to keep your kids busy all summer, Red Stick Mom is here to help.  4 Easy Day Trips From Baton Rouge With Kids Living in Baton Rouge with kids is amazing, but sometimes you need to get away for a bit and have a change of scenery. When you want to just get away and experience something new without breaking the bank, a...
While there is no shortage of things to do in Baton Rouge with kids, sometimes you just want to escape the hustle and bustle! Whether you are looking for a family-friendly road trip from Baton Rouge or an adventure in the great outdoors, Red Stick Mom has dozens of ideas for keeping your family entertained. One of our favorite outings with kids in Baton Rouge is hiking, and we are lucky to have some great options nearby like Tickfaw State Park! Tickfaw State Park is Worth the Drive {Hiking With Kids} If you are looking for a family-friendly day trip from Baton Rouge, look no further than Tickfaw State Park! Tickfaw State Park is a welcome surprise just 40 minutes from the...
There are literally hundreds of things to do Baton Rouge with kids, but every now and then you just want to leave the city! Whether your family is trying to find a family-friendly road trip from Baton Rouge or a unique adventure in the great big outdoors, Red Stick Mom has your Baton Rouge family covered. One of our favorite day trips with kids in Baton Rouge is hiking, and we'd be remiss not to share what we know about Tunica Hills with your family. Tunica Hills is Worth the Drive One of my family’s favorite places to go hiking is Tunica Hills in Mississippi. It’s a beautiful piece of heaven that is located right over the state line in Woodville,...
We all know one thing for sure...COVID 19 has changed the way we travel. One place this could not reign any truer is the magical world of Disney. Long gone are the days of pre-trip fast pass bookings, unlimited park-hopping and free meal plans. A recent trip to Disney World taught me firsthand that these subtle changes can soon make a trip less than magical if not prepared. Below you will find explanations and tips for navigating the parks. 1. Tickets and Reservations: Know Before You Go One of the most significant changes to a trip to Disney World is the requirement to choose what park you will visit each day. For example, if you are traveling to Disney for 4...
It’s 2022 and people are ready to get back to making childhood milestones happen, like the family trip to Disney World. We JUST got back (like much of Louisiana), and I thought I would share the hits and misses of our Disney trip. Disney is a trip that is heavy on logistics. Having the right gear helps a lot … and is more economical if purchased prior to arriving at Disney. Here was my shopping list, based on the many mom blogs written before my time, and the actual result of having said items in Disney. Gear that was suggested: Magic band reinforcers (Lost by “helpers” before it got packed; probably would have been great considering the magic bands are flimsy and...

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