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Louisiana is a popular tourist destination, and Baton Rouge welcomes thousands of visitors a year as a college town. We are often asked “is Baton Rouge kid friendly,” and “what should I do if I travel to Baton Rouge with kids?” The good news is that we have tons of resources for those who travel to Baton Rouge with their family in tow, like the ultimate guide to summer in Baton Rouge and this guide to visiting Baton Rouge with kids. Let Red Stick Mom offer you our tried and true family travel tips, recommendations, and ideas … both for families coming to Baton Rouge and those wanting to get away!

Our Baton Rouge mom writers have been all over the world and are here to recommend easy weekend trips, as well as more extensive vacations to places as unique as Utah! We love sharing family travel tips with Baton Rouge families because we know that it can be overwhelming to plan even a weekend getaway with kids.

Taking the kids to Disney? Here’s what to expect. Maybe you want to travel to Orlando and skip Disney. We share tips for how to do that, too. Or maybe you love Disney and want to take a Disney cruise. Red Stick Mom has been there, done that. Looking for creative road trip ideas from Baton Rouge? We have several family-friendly short distance vacations that are drivable with kids from Baton Rouge.

At Red Stick Mom, we don’t just tell you where to go on vacation but also how to get there and what to expect. We’re not just talking about where to go, we also look at how to get there. Whether you need mom hacks for road trips with kids or advice for flying with a baby, we have you covered.

Some of the most interesting family travel tips are the ideas that Baton Rouge moms have put together for easy road trips nearby. Whether it’s a weekend trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast or hiking Tunica Hills, we are all about locations that are close to Baton Rouge and won’t break the bank. After all, sometimes the family travel tips we need the most are those ideas that are simple and budget-friendly. 

No matter where your Baton Rouge family decides to vacation next or how long you intend to stay, Red Stick Mom prides itself on sharing digestible and useful family travel tips to make planning your next getaway easy and stress-free!

Disclosure :: our family received a five-night cruise on the Disney Wonder in Spring 2019 because of my amazing social media skills. All joking aside, as one of the co-owners of Red Stick Mom, my wife was approached about our family having the opportunity to sail with Disney Cruise Line because of the exciting news that Disney set sail from Louisiana for the first time in 2020. That said, I have dropped more than my fair share of dough on Disney in the past few years and all opinions expressed below are indeed my own. Update for 2022 :: Disney Cruise Line is sailing again from New Orleans! A Different Way to Do Disney :: A Dad's Take on Disney...
Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Newman-Dailey Resort Properties. 5 Stand Out Vacation Rentals for Families in Destin, Florida  From penthouses to beachfront homes, these beach vacation rentals offer unique amenities for an unforgettable beach vacation. This year, many families are seeking hassle-free domestic vacation spots that are easy to access and offer plenty of outdoor activities. An easy drive from Baton Rouge, the beaches of South Walton and Destin, Florida are a top option. Whether you’re looking to stay on the beach or tucked away on Scenic 30-A, these stand out vacation rentals offer unmatched atmosphere and a prime location for an unforgettable experience. Jewel in the Sand – Luxury Beachfront Home in Destin With four floors and eight bedrooms, this luxury...
It’s like a scene from ‘Sex and the City’… no really. I struggled with perinatal and post-partum depression during and after giving birth to my twins, so I haven’t quite felt beautiful in a long time until New York City. I have never been to the northeast so, I thought “why not”! I booked a nonstop flight and stayed in the heart of NYC, in Midtown for five days. Little did I know that this trip would change my life. NYC: magical, breathtaking, sexy, busy, chaotic, friendly, overwhelming… all the above. Every woman needs to visit NYC at least once in her life, but a mom MUST see it. Sure, I can laugh and cry anywhere, but I was able to...
We just spent ten days in Dallas at my parent's house and I left feeling even more in love with the city I grew up in. The big Texas city has always been vibrant and fun, but in the last ten years, its developed even more with lots of variety in things to do and places to eat. I feel like every time we go there is a new restaurant to try, a fun activity for our kiddos, a new bookstore or coffee shop to check out. Growing up we complained about Dallas humidity, but let me tell you, it is nothing compared to Louisiana where most days outdoors feels like a sauna. But still, don’t go to Dallas for...
We recently took our two big boys on a trip to the Grand Canyon for July 4th weekend and to celebrate Graham’s 5th birthday, which was July 3rd. The boys have been really interested in trains lately (especially the 2.5-year-old), and I googled “train rides in the U.S.” and came across the Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel. The hotel is located right next to the train depot, and the train takes you into the Grand Canyon. What could be better for two train-loving little boys?! We flew into Flagstaff and rented a car. It was about a thirty-minute drive to Williams, Arizona, which is where the hotel is located. With less than 300 rooms, the hotel was nice and cozy,...

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