Costco: Why you HAVE to try it! {A Costco Mom Hour Event}

Last Summer, Costco opened here in Baton Rouge. Costco is a membership warehouse club, known for its great service, organic options, and low prices. Stacy and Sara both love Costco, but for different reasons. Stacy shops Costco weekly and almost exclusively, while Sara makes a monthly trip to stock up on items she can’t find in her hometown grocery stores. They have worked together to create a list of their 12 favorite parts of this Baton Rouge store.


My name is Stacy, and I am addicted to Costco. They sell everything. Everything. From organic eggs to yummy pastries, from batteries to beach chairs, from televisions to tires- they even sell cars online!- they sell a wide variety of quality products, and their prices are so good. We shop at Costco at least once a week, and my toddler starts cheering, “Costcooo” as soon as we get off of the interstate. We get about 95% of our groceries there, only shopping at other stores when I absolutely can’t make bulk work, because let’s face it, I rarely need 30 lemons!


Sara, here! I’ll admit I was skeptical about buying a membership to Costco, because it’s a good 40 minute drive from my house. I took the plunge, and it did not disappoint. In fact, we just signed up for our second year of membership, because it has more than paid for itself. Costco has provided a way for us to affordably eat organically in today’s busy lifestyle. I spend about half my grocery budget on my once per month shopping trip to Costco when I stock up on household goods like toilet paper, and favorite snacks like Cheddar Bunnies, and convenience meals like PJs organic burritos. Of course, those are not the reasons my girls literally leap for joy when I announce we’re heading to Costco. They love THE SAMPLES! Seriously, there is a sample at the end of each aisle in the grocery section. If they don’t fill up on samples, I happily spend $1.50 in the food court for the hot dog and drink meal for them. Personally, I prefer the mocha latte!

imageWe, Stacy and Sara, have compiled a list of our top twelve reasons we love Costco! We are confident that Costco can meet your needs and that you’ll love it as much as we do.

1.  Ease of finding organic products – Not only does Costco have a large selection of organic food items, they make it easy to spot them! Each organic item is marked with a green label, instead of the standard white label that other products have. They have a variety of organic produce, meats, and dairy products at the cost of other stores’ non-organic prices. The meat is in sectioned packages so that you don’t have to worry about storing what you can’t use.

image2. Costco is good to its employees – Starting pay is higher than minimum wage and average wage is $21/hour. Most employees have health insurance and benefits. We love supporting a company that truly takes care of its workers.

3.  Low prices on produce – Children love berries, and mommies love salad. At Costco, 2lb of strawberries regularly costs $5.99 and the 3lb Garden Salad mix is $2.49. I dare you to compare that to other grocery stores!

4.   The food court – We’re not claiming it’s healthy. It’s not. But you can’t beat the price of the hot dog meal, pizza slice, fountain drink, frozen yogurt, or mocha latte. It’s an easy, inexpensive meal or treat while running errands, without having to make an extra stop.

5. The samples – Who doesn’t love to munch on pita chips and hummus while shopping? Shopping with children is so much more pleasant when their mouths are full of organic lunch meat. And when it’s gone, there is another sample at the end of the next aisle!

image6. Prepared foods – After a day of errands and grocery shopping and working, not many people have the energy to cook. Pick up a $5 Rotisserie chicken, pre-made casserole, or pizza. Put them in the oven while you unload the groceries, and you are ready for dinner!

7. Inexpensive household necessities – Trust me. I’ve done the price comparisons on this one. You can’t find cheaper toilet paper or garbage bags. Plus, you get so many in one package; the likely-hood of running to the neighborhood store just for toilet paper (because you have half a roll left) is slim to none.

8. The gas prices – The average in Baton Rouge today is $1.89 and as I write this, Costco’s gas price is $1.77 per gallon. With all the running around moms do, who doesn’t love low gas prices?

9. Friendly employees- The greeters actually greet you, and if there is stray trash in your buggy, they go out of their way to take it out. Can’t find something? An employee will walk you to the item and make sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for. There are happy faces loading and unloading your groceries while a second worker rings up the items. The employees make sure to keep a smile on their faces, and they get to know you personally if you are a regular (like Stacy!). You can get the feel of a small, local store with all of the conveniences of a warehouse store.

10. Books and toys – Costco has a large selection of children’s and adult books, in addition to several aisles of popular toys – all at low prices! Come to Costco without children, and get all your Christmas shopping done in one spot!

11.  The bakery – We love the muffins, the pastries, the cookies and cakes, and oh, did I mention the muffins? Y’all, the muffins are giant, fluffy, and delicious, their cakes are moist and flavorful, and they have wonderful pastry and cookie selections that will please at any event. One thing you need to know- there are no preservatives in their muffins, so make sure you keep them in the fridge!

image12.  ONE STOP SHOP– We’ve mentioned some of our favorite things, but there is just SO MUCH MORE we couldn’t fit into one post! With a pharmacy, photo center, and tire center, Costco offers all-in-one convenience. Their prices on batteries and school supplies can’t be beat, and their seasonal and home furnishing items will have your home looking great no matter the season or occasion. Really, we could go on, but you’ll just have to check Costco out for yourself!


Are you coming to Costco Mom Hour on November 13th from 9am-10am?

If you’ve been considering joining Costco – now is the time to check it out! On November 13th, we invite you to our Costco Mom Hour, an exclusive event for Red Stick Moms! Costco has graciously agreed to not only open their doors AN HOUR EARLY for RSMB readers and their friends, but they will also be offering an exclusive membership special for new members (that day only). Not only that, but the first 100 moms who show up will receive a swag bag from Costco, full of some of their most popular Kirkland Signature brand items for YOU to try! There will also be special samples specifically chosen for moms and their kids, along with a continental breakfast and more! You can register below:



::We recognize that 9am is not an ideal time for everyone, but we do our best to schedule our events at various times to accommodate as many as we can. So if you can’t make this one – we hope to see you at the next one!::

Stacy Wilson
Stacy is married to John, and mother to four girls, all ages 6 and under. They are a foster family and are passionate about serving children and families in need. Stacy has a Master's Degree in Education from LSU, but has chosen to take a break from teaching in the classroom to work part-time, while focusing on family.


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