Couch Adventures

These cold and rainy days are seemingly endless. If your little one is like mine, then you have untamable energy resulting in broken Christmas presents and an aggravated mommy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lazy-to-the-core person who calls a cold or rainy day paired with a hot bowl of soupy goodness and a good book a win. However, this is not what my two year old deems fun or entertaining.  In an effort to either kick your lazy butts off the couch or get your rambunctious littles on it, here are six couch adventures that will have the whole family laughing, playing, and making memories on those cooped up winter days.


1. Couch Fort – Build a fort out of cushions from your couch. There are lots of ways to do this, so just go for it! I added a sheet on top to fit our couch and even made small windows on the sides to let in extra light. We found success in building and tearing down easily without a big mess.


2. Cushy Tushy – Take all of your cushions off the couch. Lay them out on the floor. Enjoy an inside picnic with your favorite snacks, books, puzzles, ball, and “tucks”. Have a little girl? Try a tea party instead. Can’t wait till my little love is old enough to tell her brother to stop driving his “tucks” through our tea party.


3. Ouch Couch– With the cushions in hand, run football tackling drills. The hubs says, “Wrap ‘em up son!” and he charges for the cushions.  This is safe, rough-housing that gets a lot of energy and giggles out!

4. Fast Track – Create a race track with masking tape from the floor to the couch. Run a series of heats where the fastest racer through the track wins. I used masking tape. It didn’t leave a residue on the couch and also made for an easy clean up.


5. Wrestle Mania – Push all the cushions together in the middle of the floor. Wrestle.

6. Couch Crouch – Hunker down with some homemade popcorn. Watch your favorite movies and snuggle as much as possible with Mr. or Mrs. Wiggles.


Can’t wait to hear about your family’s couch adventuring!

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