Counting Down to Christmas with Hallmark

There are two types of people in this world :: those who laugh at the idea of Hallmark holiday movies and those who fully embrace the Hallmark holiday movie. I’m the latter. A few weeks ago, Hallmark released its Countdown to Christmas movie schedule. For those such as myself, this movie schedule officially kicks off the holiday season.

Hallmark movies are a delightful reminder of the good in the world. They’re a break from the crazy political environment we live in, a relief from the responsibilities (big and small) we face each day as mothers, and an escape into the fantasy world of “happily ever after.” I can always count on the Hallmark movie for two simple truths: it’s always snowing on Christmas Eve and love always wins. Sure they can be a little cheesy, and the acting may fall short of Oscar worthy, but that’s not what we’re here for! We are here for the hot chocolate, the extremely good looking actors, the Christmas decorations, and the happy endings. That’s all. 

So here I present to you, my fellow Hallmark lover, a breakdown of Hallmark movies I’m most looking forward to this holiday season!

Christmas at Graceland (airing November 17) – “A business executive traveling to Memphis for work reunites with her old flame”

Ladies, this has it all! Strong female lead. Check. Elvis and Graceland. Check. Beautiful Christmas decorations. Check. Good looking cast. Check.  For those of us who love country music and all things Graceland, this one is a must see.

Christmas at the Palace (airing November 22) “A former professional ice skater is hired by a king to help his daughter in a Christmas skating performance.”

Yes, this one seems like a bit of a stretch. I mean, how would a professional ice skater realistically cross paths with a king? We’re not here for semantics. If 2018 gave us anything, it gave us hope that commoners and royals DO fall in love (shoutout Meghan and Harry). With all of the royal excitement in 2018, I’ll watch anything about a palace. 

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (airing November 25) “When Noelle gets snowed in at a department store, a guardian angel helps her rediscover love, family connection, and faith.”

Shoes, love, faith, and a guardian angel. Need I say more people!

Christmas Made to Order (airing December 23) “When an architect hosts his family for Christmas, he hires a holiday coordinator to bring joy to his home.” 

First, how does one apply for a “holiday coordinator” job? Second, my money has they falling in love and kissing with about 5 minutes and 23 seconds left in the movie. 

Truth be told, I’m looking forward to every Countdown to Christmas movie, so this printable guide from Hallmark will be helpful. You can also follow along on my Instagram @jada_bruce for a review of each movie!

What Countdown to Christmas movie are you most looking forward to?

Jada grew up on the bayou in Larose. She moved to Baton Rouge for college, and quickly decided to call it home. In 2011, she married Zack, and in 2013 they had their daughter, Aubrey. They're also expecting another girl, Charlie, in August. Jada owns Movement Fitness in Watson, and loves helping women reach their wellness goals. When she's not working or parenting - oh lets be honest, those times are few and far between - she loves attending LSU and Saints games, cooking, playing golf badly, and being outdoors.


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