Easy After School Snack Ideas

Snacks. Snacks. Snacks.

With school starting back, I’m sure most of you are like me and are thinking about what to have on hand for when the children get off the school bus.

When the final bell rings it has been a while since lunch, but dinner won’t be ready for another few hours. To keep the “hangry” attitudes away, the children are going to need a little something to hold them over until dinner.

Below is a list of my afternoon snacks that can be quickly made or even made ahead of time to get everyone through until dinner:

  1. Carrots & cucumbers with ranch
  2. Bell peppers with hummus
  3. Everything Bagel Chex Mix
  4. String cheese
  5. Vanilla Greek Yogurt topped with crushed Oreos
  6. Fresh Fruit (pineapple, cantaloupe, kiwi, raspberries, grapes, mandarin oranges, bananas, and strawberries are the staples in our refrigerator) 
  7. Rice cake with Nutella (Optional: top with sliced strawberries or bananas)
  8. No bake peanut butter balls
  9. Applesauce
  10. Whole grain goldfish
  11. Popcorn
  12. Greek yogurt pouches
  13. Almonds
  14. Guacamole with chips
  15. Simple fresh fruit popsicles

I hope these quick and easy snack list helps with those afternoon witching hours before dinner time.

Do you have a go-to after-school snack for your children? If so, please leave those suggestions below!

Elizabeth Boudreaux
Elizabeth and her husband Nicholas have been married for 13 years. They live in Geismar with their 3 children, Addison (9), Parker (5), and Laurel (2). She is from Franklin, LA and moved to Baton Rouge after receiving her Master’s in Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is a Budget Administrator for the Department of Public Safety. She relies on sarcasm, a dry sense of humor, and the occasional cocktail to deal with the daily demands of motherhood. She loves crawfish, clean sheets, vacuuming, and the latest crime documentary on Netflix.


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