Easy Birthday Parties with Painting and Pinot

Disclosure :: our friends at Painting and Pinot sponsored this post. 

Easy Birthday Parties with Painting and Pinot

Let’s start with a personal story. When I had my first daughter, I couldn’t wait to Pinterest the heck out of her 1st birthday party. After days of preparing homemade decorations, buying ridiculous little plastic cups for the “baby bar,” and cleaning my house like I was about to perform surgery, I sat back and thought “NEVER PaintingandPinot20fbAGAIN.” I doubt I could do away with birthday parties all together, but I sure as heck was NOT doing this on my own any more.

When it came time for my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, we had it at a local park, which was cheap, easy and uneventful. A year passes (too quickly, I might add) and the next thing I know my daughter is turning 3. I’m expecting our second child, and I have to plan another birthday party party! Or do I? Come to think of it, I own Painting and Pinot (a local social painting studio here in Baton Rouge). We can have her birthday party there!

The Elements of a Perfect Birthday Party

I began to think about all of the things that I would want for her party. What about some cute invites I can email (did I mention I was pregnant and wanted the easiest things possible?). Oh, a painting themed cake would be a great touch. I also desperately wanted someone else to run PaintingandPinotviolet and Dessathe party itself, making sure there would be a good flow with lots of fun for the children. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just relax and enjoy my daughter’s birthday party while someone else made sure my daughter had the most amazing time? And gosh, it’d be AH-MAZING if I didn’t have to bring all of the party supplies like plates, cups, forks, napkins and drinks.

What I want as a busy Baton Rouge mother is to show up, host a birthday party and then leave. 

After mentally making my list, I used my daughter and her friends as my guinea pigs to create the perfect birthday party! Since moms talk, the word is getting out about birthday parties at
Painting and Pinot. Every weekend we have 2-4 children’s birthday parties. By request, Painting and Pinot is now offering party add-ons, including 2 tier cakes, palate themed cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos and paintbrush Painting and Pinot - cakesmarshmallows (I guess I couldn’t fully let go of my Pinterest habit). We also offer in-home parties across Baton Rouge where we bring everything to you, if you prefer that.

Your Turn! Try Painting and Pinot

So yes, this is a sponsored post where I am trying to convince you that – as a local Baton Rouge mother – you should let me help with your child’s birthday party. In all honesty, though, I’m speaking as a mom who has been there and done that and can give the honest advice that it is always easier to OUTSOURCE! It’s not only easier; it is cheaper and way more fun because you can actually relax and enjoy the party and memories. If you happen to be near the studio the second weekend in August, come and say “hi.” I can promise you that my own daughter will be having her birthday party at Painting and Pinot.

Are you interested in booking a birthday party at Painting and Pinot?

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