Mardi Gras Made Easy :: Thanks to the Mardi Gras Wagon Insta-Floats at Party Time

Disclosure :: this post is sponsored by our friends at Party Time, your one stop shop for all things Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Made Easy :: Thanks to the Mardi Gras Wagon Insta-Floats at Party Time

So you live in Louisiana. Guess what that means? As soon as Christmas is over we get to indulge in King Cake and start counting down to Mardi Gras season! Whether you’re a native or an implant like me, Mardi Gras comes with a whole lotta ups and a few little downs. My littles LOVE Mardi Gras season! They are constantly begging to “play parade,” which ultimately consists of them and their friends walking circles in the yard tossing beads and throws at me while they tell me I’m not yelling “Throw me something mister” loudly enough.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about Mardi Gras. For starters, did you know that schools have tiny Mardi Gras parades?! Your “student” gets to decorate a wagon as their float and they have a parade complete with throws and specialty shirts. This is a dream come true for my little people. But for Mom? Eh, it’s fun, but I never feel I have the time for one more big project. But y’all, Party Time has saved the day! Did you know they offer insta-floats?!? Literally, everything you need to transform your wagon into a float everyone will love! The best part? So easy to put together! We were done in less than 30 minutes! You know what else Party Time has to offer, custom parade shirts (starting at size 2T) and all the throws you could want! You can do all your Mardi Gras prep in one place! That means you only have to load and unload the kids one time! They even have Mardi Gras themed party supplies so you can get your King Cake on. Party Time is legit the one-stop-shop to find all of the Mardi Gras goodies for your kids.

We chose the Mardi Gras Swamp Theme, because, well I’ve got a gator lover and this just MADE. HIS. DAY.

The insta-float has been riding in my car for 4 days, everyday they asked when we would be “making our wagon magical” (I kid you not.) If I’m being honest, I was a wee bit skeptical on just how easy this kit was going to be. I was postponing the inevitable so that I knew we’d have time to do it. I could kick myself! We had so much fun and it was effortless! The kits are pretty straight-forward–the side of the box lists everything you’ll find inside. The only things we needed were scissors and tape. Our wagon doesn’t have shade poles, so we rigged some on our wagon. Once we took inventory of our stuff, the kids took over!

First they stretched the vinyl cover around the wagon. They needed minimal help with the tape, otherwise they pretty much had me stand back and keep their tiny sister from destroying their hard work. Next came the Mardi Gras bunting. They had great fun as they recognized the pattern, calling out the colors as they secured it to the bottom of the wagon.

[easy-image-collage id=40535]

They allowed me to help put tape on Boudreaux (their gator) and get him into one piece for each side. Then they taped him onto their wagon! Once Boudreaux was safely adhered to the sides of our Insta-float, the kids divided the music notes and placed them everywhere they wanted. We may or may not have take a dance break here to listen to some fun songs that inspired musical note placement. Finally, I secured our walking sticks to the wagon and strung our net and crown. We are officially ready to parade our hearts out!! We will get miles of use out of these decorations & their choice throws! I’m so happy that I discovered this little jewel at Party Time! Moms this will save you so much time and stress! You can make it as is straight from the box, but if you choose to get craftier, Party Time will have all the things you need! Now, go have fun with those kiddos– Throw me something, Mister!!!

Check out Party Time for all of your Mardi Gras needs including these amazing Insta-Floats! 

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