EBR Strong Start: Make the Most of Your Child’s Summer

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EBR Strong Start: Make the Most of Your Child’s Summer

This school year was a change of pace for many students who had to quickly shift gears to virtual learning, which might have left them feeling behind or unprepared for the coming year. Now with school winding down and summer on the horizon, that dreaded “summer slide” looks steeper than normal. As parents scramble to find avenues to keep students in-tune with their education this summer, the East Baton Rouge Parish School System is creating ​new ways to help your kids adjust to their changing educational experience.

While traditional summer learning options such as Summer Remediation and Credit Recovery​ ​will be made available to specific students, this year EBRPSS is launching EBR Strong Start 2020. This virtual summer learning opportunity lets students prepare for the 2020-21 academic year throughout the summer, so they can and stay ahead of the curve and have a strong start in 2020

  • Advance Students’ Readiness for the Fall
    With instructional plans from EBR educators, this virtual summer learning opportunity will take place in July to aid in bridging any missed content from 2019-2020 with new material from the upcoming year to minimize learning gaps. As this work will not officially count towards students’ grades, students can focus on understanding and fully mastering content while improving based on teachers’ meaningful feedback.
  • High-quality Distance Education
    Through a combination of self-paced and real-time delivery, educators have a flexible hand in facilitating student learning experiences. Students can continue to interact with their teachers during lessons and discussions while completing work at their own pace. Students who need accommodations or have limited access to technology will be provided non-digital options.
  • Engagement Throughout the Summer
    Through EBR Strong Start, students will engage in learning experiences that allow them to flex their brain muscles and support core academics while integrating extra-curricular classes such as Art, Music, Dance, P.E., STEM, and project-based activities students love and can easily make connections.
  • A New Era of Learning
    All EBR Strong Start classes are offered virtually so students can continue learning and receiving support while at home in a safe environment, and many school leaders are leveraging partnerships to expand student learning experiences. Throughout this learning opportunity, educators will continue to use innovative approaches to support students with diverse needs.

The EBR Strong Start 2020 learning opportunity ensures every student has the chance to start their school year off strong. To learn more about EBR Strong Start and how to enroll, visit your school’s website.



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