Elf Surgery – Make Your Elf Posable & Magnetic

Maybe you’ve seen the posable elves? One that can effortlessly climb the refrigerator door? And you wonder, just how those elves got blessed with magic while your elf has sitting magic. I’m here to tell you Elf Surgery is simple and easy! My little sister is an elf surgeon and performed surgery on our first elf. Last year I may or may not have found some on clearance to add to our outrageous elf collection but I needed them to be just as much fun as our original! So I put in a call to the Elf Surgeon and she walked me through, step by step–it was very Grey’s Anatomy! And now we have 3 posable, magnetic elves to play this year! To go along with our newly acquired baby elves & elf Nugget. I really need to be stopped y’all!

But seriously, if you’re looking to up your elf game, even just a little bit, here’s the how-to! All of these things could be found locally, but I did provide links if you just want the ease of it all! Let me know how it goes & please share photos of your elves post-op, we’d love to see them!


  1. Use the stitch ripper to separate the hands. Then the elbow and knee joints, just enough to slide the wire through. Carefully create openings on the hands & feet. 
  2. Place the wire into arms/legs, cutting the wire ½” shorter than the limb to allow room for the magnet. Cut and insert.
  3. When placing magnets, make sure you have them facing with the “strong” side facing out (the direction you want your elf to cling to objects). I painted a dot of fingernail polish on the correct side to make it easier to see/remember.
  4. Sew up hands & feet. Check under the collar to be sure nothing is poking out.
  5. Stand back and admire your work! You did it!

Step 1


Step 2

Step 3


Trix Raney
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