Why Every Mom You Know Loves Joanna Gaines

Why Every Mom You Know Loves Joanna Gaines

Well, let’s be honest, it’s more like, why every WOMAN you know loves Joanna Gaines. I’m pretty sure we all agree that she and Chip have made HGTV ten times more popular among women … and I thought that was impossible! Fixer Upper can be found on most of our televisions at some point in our day, whether it’s through HGTV or Netflix. Of course, the renovations and décor transformations are entertaining, but the real reason we watch it is Joanna. Not in a creepy way, but in a “You are so wonderful and talented and beautiful and we all want to be like you” way. Joanna is our Mom Crush for so many reasons, and here are just a few of them.

1. She is confident.

On Fixer Upper Joanna walks into each home with unwavering confidence that she and Chip can transform that trash heap into a cozy, gorgeous retreat. She knows her skill and talent, and she is secure in those gifts. Because of that, she gets stuff done. In a big way. Her husband, Chip, totally respects her confidence and skill, which is so awesome to see.

2. She is kind and approachable.

Joanna exerts a natural ease on camera and offers hospitable kindness to each client. I can just imagine that if I were to run into her in Waco (which totally could have happened when I was at Baylor), we would just chat it up. She seems to listen to each homebuyer and carefully consider them and their style. I greatly appreciate her down-to-earth-welcome-home persona.

3. She has effortless style and beauty.

I mean, really. Like, who wears Waco t-shirts and jeans and jewelry better than Joanna? Like, tank top and maxi skirt and scarf, and just gorgeous. Totally dig it. She’s natural, doesn’t have on five pounds of makeup, and makes it look easy. Now, I know, she’s on a show. She has makeup and hair people. I’m not delusional. But! She still looks natural, even if there’s effort. And the jewelry! Wooden, wire, leather, silver, gold, love it!

4. She has a committed work ethic.

If you don’t know her back story, here is a brief summary. She grew up working at her dad’s tire/car repair shop during high school and college. Then she started a business with Chip flipping houses. She opened a design store, then they closed it. She had kids one right after another, and then got back to work on her passions, homes and décor. I so dig that she and Chip work so hard for their community and their family.

5. She has incredible vision.

Here’s how her Fixer Upper sixth sense works. Joanna walks into house-in-shambles. She then explains to homebuyer her ridiculous vision and ideas for said house-in-shambles. She then paints the picture of wall removal, paint, renovation, and you, the viewer, are totally sold. “I’ll buy house-in-shambles, Joanna!” we call from our couches. Then, there’s the pivotal moment when the gigantic house-in-shambles picture rolls out of the way, and we all say, “Whoa, how did you see that in your head?”

6. She has the best hair.

Yes, this is a petty reason to like someone, but you know we’ve all thought it. It’s long and lustrous and a dark mystery of perfection. Okay, I exaggerate. But only just a little. Remember back in the day when we used the descriptor “Pantene hair?” Yeah, she has it.

7. She inspires us all.

Sometimes as women we compare ourselves to others, and then we feel bad about ourselves. Sometimes we compare and then judge the other woman out of our insecurity. But, Joanna Gaines does not bring this out in me. Instead, it’s more like, “If Joanna can do this, then I can pursue my dreams!” She just seems real and relatable, which makes us feel like we can achieve, too!

8. She is a great mom and wife.

Now, granted, she is on an edited television show. I think all of us could look pretty dang awesome if we had a crew, production team, and great editing. But we don’t, so we can watch people parent and wife well and really appreciate it. Her children are precious, and I always love when we get little peeks into their farmhouse life or when they surprise her on site. Sweet family time on Fixer Upper makes me smile!

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Thanks, Joanna! We love watching you and your show!” And, “Sic ‘Em, Bears!” (Baylor shout out!)

Do you share our love of all things Joanna?

Joy is a native of Baton Rouge and lives here with her husband, Ross, and their two boys. She has been happily married for nine years and enjoys spending as much time as she can with her husband. Though she is from Baton Rouge, she has spent time in Texas, Missouri, and New York. She graduated from Baylor in 2003 with a major in History and minor in English. After college she volunteered in New York City for a year with Good Shepherd Services and worked in a short term group home for teenage girls. Upon returning to Baton Rouge in 2004, she met her husband and decided to hang around for a little while. Joy has been teaching high school history and/or English for ten years. She has a passion for the written word and currently teaches AP Literature and Senior English at Parkview Baptist. She also helps friends with writing projects on the side. In 2011, Ross and Joy welcomed Warrick Glen into their family. He keeps the family entertained with his energy, questions, and personality. Then in 2013, they brought Xavier Elijah into their lives. He is a round bundle of chubby love. When not teaching she spends her time refereeing her sons as they wrestle and play. Joy and her husband are avid sports fans who compete against each other in fantasy football during football season. They serve and worship at the Baton Rouge Dreamcenter in North Baton Rouge, a satellite campus of Healing Place Church. In her spare time she loves books, movies, Food Network, HGTV, and dance competition shows.


    • Hannah, great point about her inspiration! Isn’t awesome when we can build each other up instead of comparing and tearing down? Let’s do more of that!

  1. I love Fixer up!! Recently while babysitting at my daughters house she phoned to say she was running a little late, I told her I did not mine because her DVR had plenty of episodes a fixer-upper that I could rewatch. She said that she love the show as did her 30 year old male friend.
    It’s very rare that a show would stretch across so many generations while appealing to both male and female audiences. From 9 to 99 everyone loves Joanna and Chip.

  2. I love the way Joanna balances family and work. Such a great example. Obviously, her deepest love is for her family. She makes no bones about that. But she unashamedly works hard on every house, and that last day, she often works late into the night while Chip and the kids throw good wishes and blow kisses her way as they hustle out the door. It’s great that he gives her the space she needs to do her thing and is willing to take care of the kids so she doesn’t feel guilty about it. Great teamwork and a beautiful example of a working mom.


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