Expanding Your “Show”cabulary {Unique TV for Kids}

When we decided to get rid of cable in 2014 (read about it here), I had hoped it would help our family to watch less TV. It didn’t quite work out like that. Instead, Netflix and Hulu and several other Roku apps made it possible to watch our favorite shows whenever and wherever. I learned along the way that toddlers somehow don’t mind watching the same episodes of the same shows over and over and OVER. Once you’ve seen every episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Curious George 174 times, you start fighting the urge to pull your hair out. You also sing yourself to sleep in cute jingles, but that’s another story. Needless to say, we needed some serious variety.  Luckily, this is an area where looking beyond the limits of cable comes in handy.  We have found a few favorite shows for preschoolers that you might not hear about at your next play date.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.24.40 PM
Tayo the Little Bus

Where to Watch: Hulu
Tayo is an adorable South Korean cartoon about a bus named Tayo and his adventures with the other city transportation vehicles. They often find themselves in situations where they disagree or have to make tough choices. The show explores how they work through these issues and learn from mistakes. Your car and truck loving kiddos will definitely enjoy this cute show and its catchy theme song.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.30.51 PM
Bo on the Go!
Where to Watch: Netflix
We all want our kids to know the importance of healthy lifestyles. Bo on the Go is a fun Canadian show that encourages kids to stay active even while watching television. Each episode showcases Bo and Dezzy the Dinosaur as they solve adventurous tasks. Throughout the show, Bo’s colorful wristbands monitor her energy level.  When it gets too low, she asks the watchers to get up and mimic her exercises. “When you move with me, you give me energy!” It’s great (and super cute) to see your kiddo up dancing around with Bo instead of simply being zoned out while watching.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.52.49 PM
Franny’s Feet

Where to Watch: Netflix, PBS
My daughter Etta Mae just discovered Franny’s Feet, and I’m so glad she did! This precious series is about a girl who helps her grandfather in his shoe repair shop. When customers bring in their shoes, she puts them on and goes on a magical journey. The shoes take her to many different cultures and allow her to meet and help people of all walks of life. Franny is sweet and funny and always wanting to help others.

If you’re burnt out on Dora or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, give one of these shows a chance!

What are your kiddos’ favorite shows? Do they enjoy shows that aren’t on the typical “mainstream list”? Share any other shows you recommend!

Ashley S
Ashley grew up in Joplin, Missouri and attended the University of Arkansas where she earned a degree in Finance and Insurance. She met her husband, Jason, in Fayetteville and they have one daughter, Etta Mae. They moved to Baton Rouge in 2013 for Jason's job with the LSU Tigers. Ashley is an extroverted introvert who loves Ted Talks, following politics on Twitter, and figuring out how to get the best deals on everything without paying shipping. If it were up to her, she would get paid to read books and take every college class so that she could learn everything about everything, but instead she pays the bills by working in recruiting for a multinational tech company. Ashley is blessed to have a daughter who is at least as stubborn as she is and a husband who is laid back enough to put up with both of them.


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