Family Getaway to Shreveport

My family and I recently traveled to Shreveport to attend the Louisiana Film Prize. We left Friday after work to pick up our little one from school and off we went. Our preferred one-stop shop: Love’s gas station on Highway 190 for fuel, the expected potty break and food. We arrived in Shreveport early enough to visit with family and observed our little one pretend to know how to play the piano with his musically talented Uncle sitting next to him.  

The next morning, there was a little scrambling that occurred. We made arrangements for my mother-in-law to babysit our little one while hubby and I would watch the Orange slate of films. We found the hotel my in-laws were staying at and were able to drop off our son effortlessly.  

We stopped for coffee and the signature Rhino Biscuit at the local Rhino Coffee shop. We tried each other’s drinks and agreed that we preferred what we had ordered. Other relatives meandered into the restaurant about 15 minutes later. We were able to visit briefly before our parties split for the different film slates – teal and orange. 

For two hours, we watched 10 short films. Some films were funny. Some films were sweet. And some films had big ideas that went way over my head. We had a good time and there was plenty to talk about afterward. But as time would have it, we needed to relieve my mother-in-law so that she could rejoin the party and finish watching the films that she had not yet seen. Due to schedule conflicts, we weren’t able to see both film slates and couldn’t vote for our favorite. But we had heard that the orange slate was better; and so we weren’t too disappointed.

After the matinee of short films, the three of us went to our dessert spot Happy Belly’s. My sweetie and I went there on our first date. For this trip, we ordered Italian Ice with custard and drove with it down to the duck pond. We ate our melting treats on the benches between the pond and playground. I looked at my husband adoringly and asked him, “Did you think that we’d be back here nearly 8 years later like this”? He replied, “No. This is better.”

Our son played until he wasn’t playful anymore. We shopped in World Market where I found the perfect card for Mother-in-Law Day (the day after). The hubby found a non-stick skillet that was on sale and since we were in dire need of one, we bought it. It’s a fun and ironic souvenir for us.

The time came for the gang to meet at Cheng’s Garden for dinner. This restaurant has a history with my husband’s family as it was their go-to back when they all lived in Shreveport. The staff recognized our lively table of 13. It felt like a reunion within a family reunion.  

After dinner, some of us were tired and went to bed. Some of our party are die hard Aggie fans and stayed up to watch the football game.

The next morning, there was one last gathering that included a family favorite: Southern Maid Donuts. I shared with our family that one of the reasons I love visiting Shreveport is that it feels like taking a break. The hubby and I found ourselves feeling nostalgic. This was the city where we fell in love. Before parting ways, we all penciled in dates for the next family gathering. It won’t be too long before we visit Shreveport again.

Angela Martin
Originally from Minden, LA, Angela and her spouse, Cameron, moved to Baton Rouge to start their careers and family. When they aren’t working, you might catch them playing at the park or checking out library books with their son, David. Angela is mostly introverted and a deep thinker. She enjoys self-improvement books as well as romance and underdog stories. When she isn’t keeping to herself, she enjoys laughing with loved ones, making memories and developing authentic deep relationships. She hopes to connect more with her community.


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