Favorite Ready-Made Costco Meals

Overwhelmed, exhausted and don’t want to make another decision?

If you’re like me and you often run out of ideas, or motivation to cook, look to Costco for some help. Their ready made meals offer some great options for feeding a crowd, feeding a family, and having leftovers all at a reasonable price. 

Multiple Options

The humble rotisserie chicken is affordable (still only $4.99), versatile and, best of all, already cooked! Eat it as is with some quick sides or utilize the meat for other meal options. We usually pull all of the meat and use it in jambalaya, enchiladas, homemade chicken salad or tacos. For taco night grab a jar of salsa and queso at Costco. Rotisserie chicken also freezes well and gives you options for future quick meals. 

Quick Meal

I was scanning the ready-made meals section when I overheard a customer talking to a Costco employee. The customer was singing the praises of the Yakisoba Stir Fry. He was talking about how good it was and how easy to prepare. He then said, “but don’t tell anyone, I don’t want this secret to get out.” Sorry guy, the secret’s out and it is yummy! The directions on this meal include a whopping 5 minutes of cook time. Seriously, heat oil, cook veggies for 2 minutes, add chicken, cook for 2 minutes and then add the noodles and sauce and cook for one minute. Done!

ready made Costco stir fry

Plan Ahead

The Costco Chicken Pot Pie is another favorite. This thing is massive and does require more time to prepare. It is more of a Sunday night meal with leftovers throughout the following week. The pot pie hits all of the food groups and is a complete meal. It takes 90 minutes to fully cook, so you do need to plan ahead. It reheats well and is a crowd-pleaser. This pot pie is large and we usually get at least three full meals out of it. That averages out to about $3 per serving. Not too bad. One thing to note, the pot pie is a seasonal item and is only available in fall/winter. 

Costco pot pie ready made meal

Costco has so many ready-made meals to try. I don’t eat beef, so we haven’t tried the stuffed peppers or the lasagna, but I’ve heard great things about those too. If you have a small family like mine, you’ll have dinner or lunch for days all at a reasonable price. If you have a larger family, or kids that just like to eat, the Costco-size servings are perfect. Costco has so many options check out these other favorites

What are your favorite ready-made meals?

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