Five Reasons to Enroll Your Child at C.G.’s Gymnastics

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Five Reasons to Enroll Your Child at C.G.’s Gymnastics

Are you tired of your child flipping around the house? Do you wonder how to help them release their energy in a beneficial way?

Gymnastics is the key and C.G.’s Gymnastics is the place to go!  

Fun, fun, and more fun! C.G.’s Gymnastics incorporates fun into everything from warm up games and skill development to strength and flexibility. Students spend time on the trampoline, jumping into the foam pit, and learning skills on the bars, balance beams, rings, and vault! Coaches are friendly, engaging, and creative. C.G.’s Gymnastics aims to send your child back to you with a smile on their face.

Energy Release! It is important for children to have a safe environment in which to play and learn. C.G.’s Gymnastics offers just that! With a dedicated space for preschool students and coaches who praise time on task, your little one is sure to leave exhausted and happy.  

Gymnastics prepares children for any sport.  All sports require some combination of strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. C.G.’s Gymnastics offers development of these qualities through fun warm-ups, creative stretch routines, and gymnastics lessons to teach kids amazing skills.

Social Skills and Life Lessons. Many sports help you to make friends and gymnastics is no exception. In regards to life lessons, one of the most important lessons gymnastics aims to teach is setting and achieving goals. Gymnastics also gives them the necessary tools to build the perseverance to achieve the goals they set. C.G’s Gymnastics offers a progressive lesson plan with new challenges in each lesson. These challenges are set as goals, and the class is structured to help children reach these goals through fun circuits, games, and tasks.

Development. Gymnastics helps to improve balance, strengthen bones, and strives to help children reach their developmental milestones. C.G.’s Gymnastics offers their preschoolers warm-up circuits based on specific milestones such as hand-eye coordination, depth perception, fine and gross motor movement, and spatial awareness. The preschool lesson always includes a fun ice breaker that helps the child move forward on their developmental path. Gymnastics also teaches children the proper ways to fall and land so as to prevent injury and strengthen bones and joints.

Gymnastics is the ultimate sport for your child and C.G.’s Gymnastics is the ultimate place to bring them!

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