We’re FIVE Red Stick Moms Stronger :: Meet Our New Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce our community to five new members of the Red Stick Moms Blog team. Each one is a dynamic, warm and inspiring mom in Baton Rouge, and we can’t wait for you all to get to know them both online and in person at any of our upcoming events. We are humbled and honored to have these women join our team.

Stephanie Ezell

Her krewe: Jack (10) and Taylor (5)

Originally from: Kirkwood, Missouri

Her favorite snowball flavor: Strawberry Shortcake

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: The Chimes or Superior Grill. The Spinach and Artichoke Dip with Fried Bow-Tie Pasta and a salad is amazing!

During LSU games you’ll find her: Watching the game at a friend’s house with a fun group of families, eating chips and queso, and cheering for the Tigers.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge? Cheering on the LSU Women’s Gymnastics Team from the stands!

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: the perfect mix of learning manners from the South, and the culturally rich experiences of Mardi Gras, jazz music, parades, phenomenal food, and celebrating life. It is a place where children can enjoy the excellence and vitality of living in a University town while also being immersed in the dynamic history of the Red Stick.

Mandy Roussel

Her krewe: Stella (2.5), Veronica (4.5), Odette (2.5)

Originally from: Baton Rouge. I’ve lived in DC and Austin, too!

Favorite snowball flavor: Kiwi

Favorite Baton Rouge restaurant: Little Village (That bread!) and Tsunami (That view!)

During LSU games, you’ll find her: taking one for the team by keeping the kids entertained, so hubby can geek out on the game and participate in his group texting. Every now and then, we get to go!

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Parades and the zoo.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: what I’ve always envisioned, with lots of extended family, delicious foods, and unique experiences! I couldn’t be prouder that all my little Cajun girls can eat more crawfish than me and yell “Geaux Tigers” every time they see purple and gold.

Sarah Vorhies

Her krewe: Lillian (2) and Judah (3 months)

Originally from: Baton Rouge

Favorite snowball flavor: Tiger Blood

Favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Beau Soleil

During LSU games, you’ll find her: at home. I’m not brave enough to bring my kiddos just yet because they’re still so young. I love tailgating and going to the games, but I don’t mind spending game night reading my girl a book and tucking her in bed with her stuffed animals, including one that we named Mike the Tiger.

Our favorite family outing in Baton Rouge is: spending time outdoors in some way. We love walking around the LSU lakes and the Bluebonnet Swamp Trail and playing at the BREC Parks (preferably with a splash pad!).

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: awesome! There’s a huge variety of fun things to do, great food all around, rich cultural history, and the best part is that we are surrounded by some of the nicest and friendliest people in the country!

Clair Cook

Her krewe: Ryleigh (6), Brady (4), and Chloe (9 months)

Originally from: Tupelo, MS

Her favorite snowball flavor: Wedding Cake

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Gino’s, hands down best date night!

During LSU games you’ll find her: If not tailgating, will find me in front of the tv with my kids watching and cheering on the Tigers!

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge: Highland Park Splash Pad, the kids ALWAYS have a blast when we are there.

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: nothing else like it. Although we reside in Denham Springs, we spend a lot of time in Baton Rouge. From Crawfish Aquatics to the local BREC Parks, as well as LSU’s campus for sporting events, Baton Rouge is nothing but rewarding for my kids.

Michelle Danos

Her krewe: Maverick (14 months)

Originally from: Marrero, La

Her favorite snowball flavor: pink lady, wait no … wedding cake, wait no … watermelon, wait no … spearmint. Y’all I just like snowballs.

Her favorite Baton Rouge restaurant is: Rama

During LSU games you’ll find her: at a football party usually getting distracted by the great conversations in the kitchen or daydreaming of one day attending a game.

Favorite family outing in Baton Rouge? Any BREC park with an amazing swing set!

Raising kids in Baton Rouge is: the best of both worlds. The fast pace and busyness of the city, and slow and peaceful pace of the country.


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