Five True Crime Podcasts To Binge Next

Five True Crime Podcasts To Binge Next

True Crime Podcasts are one of the most compelling podcast genres, offering crime, drama, and a suspenseful murder mystery directly to our ears. To say I am obsessed with crime podcasts is putting it mildly.

Below are my most recent five listens.

Five True Crime Podcasts To Binge Next

Finding Brittanee Drexel :: 

17-year-old Brittanee mysteriously disappears on a secret spring break trip. Listen to exclusive interviews and unprecedented access to details spanning the 13-year investigation.

Very Scary People (The Ken & Barbie Killers) :: 

In this seven-episode podcast, host Donnie Wahlberg follows the twisted, dark path of the seemingly loving and wholesome couple Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

Unrestorable ::

3-year-old Sarah and her 2-year-old brother Jacob were last seen with their mother, Catherine Hoggle. Their mother is charged with their murder but has never been tried. She has been committed to a psychiatric facility to restore her competency. Follow a father’s quest for justice and try to answer the lingering question: Can you fake being incompetent and get away with murder?

Mortal Sin ::

When the wife of a beloved pastor dies in a house fire the day after Christmas, the pastor and his congregation are devastated. However, unbeknownst at the time is what was going on behind the “perfect couple’s” closed doors.

The Butcher Baker ::

The Butcher Baker is a true wolf in sheep’s clothing story. By day, Robert Hansen is a respected family man and bakery owner. By night, he is a serial killer terrorizing women in Alaska.

Are you a self-proclaimed true crime addict? I would love to know what to listen to next. Let me know your favorites in the comments below.

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