Guide for Bringing Small Kids to LSU Athletic Events

Our guides to Baton Rouge cover a wide range of interests, needs, and situations. One of our most popular posts is our tips for visiting Baton Rouge with kids. We make navigating the greater Baton Rouge area as easy as possible! Whether you are looking for where kids eat free in Baton Rouge or need to plan a birthday party, Red Stick Mom has you covered.

Check out our Guide for Bringing Small Kids to LSU Athletic Events to make your game days a breeze!a guide to bringing small kids to LSU athletic events, like footballAll parents need a guide for bringing small kids to LSU athletic events.

Football and Basketball and Gymnastics, OH MY! And let’s not forget about Baseball and Softball and Volleyball. As a new school year approaches, LSU Athletics will soon be in full swing. Whether we like it or not, sometimes parenthood can make our desire to cheer on our Tigers overwhelming. If you plan on attending any major LSU Athletic events with small kids or babies, there are some important things you should know.

Unfortunately, I can’t include every event, so this post will be specific to Football, Men’s and Women’s Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, and Gymnastics. There are links below with game day information and maps for each venue.


There are few things worse than being stuck in traffic with small kids and babies. LSU has customized the Waze app for athletic events. Put your parking lot number into the app, and it will find the fastest, most efficient route. It will even tell you where to enter the lot.


  • Football: Every person, regardless of age, is required to have their own ticket. This includes lap babies.
  • Other paid events including Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Gymnastics, Baseball, Softball: Children ages 3 and under are not required to have a ticket, but they cannot occupy a seat without one (i.e. they must be held or on lap).
  • Tickets are not required for free events which include Volleyball, Soccer, Track & Field, and Beach Volleyball.

Diaper Bags/Pumping & Feeding Supplies

  • Diapers and baby items must be carried in a permissible 12″x6″x12″ clear tote bag per  LSU’s clear bag policy. Each person, including children, will be allowed to carry an approved clear bag.
  • If you need to bring in bottles in an insulated bag, use the medical assistance gate so that the bag can be inspected and tagged allowing you to be admitted.
  • Other food and beverages brought from outside the venue are prohibited

Diapering/Potty Breaks

Changing tables in restrooms, women’s AND men’s, are a hill I very well may be willing to die on. Thankfully, LSU Athletics is making strides to make diaper changing easier for families. Most venues have family restrooms which is a huge plus (The map of Alex Box Stadium has them listed), especially if you have multiple children. As older restrooms are remodeled, they are also adding changing tables to both the men’s and women’s rooms whenever space allows. I would advise doing a quick bathroom check on the way to your seats to confirm the nearest family restroom or changing table.


Louisiana law states that it is legal for a mother to breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be. This means that if you are comfortable doing so, you may breastfeed anywhere at LSU athletic events. The law does not specify that you are required to be covered. If you prefer to have more privacy, see the information below for each specific venue.

Tiger Stadium

  • Sport(s): Football
  • There is a breastfeeding/pumping room located inside the LSU SportShop on the west side of the stadium
  • Each section of Tiger Stadium has a first aid room (see the map in the Fan Guide below for specific locations) that can be used as a private spot for breastfeeding/pumping if it is not being used to treat another medical issue.
  • 2022 LSU Football Fan Guide

Pete Maravich Assembly Center (PMAC)

  • Sport(s): Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Gymnastics, Volleyball
  • The first aid room on the concourse between sections K and L can be made available for breastfeeding/pumping if it is not being used to treat another medical issue.
  • Venue Maps: Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Gymnastics, Volleyball

Alex Box Stadium

  • Sport(s): Baseball
  • There is no location currently designated for breastfeeding/pumping
  • Venue Map: Baseball

Tiger Park

  • Sport(s): Softball
  • There is no location currently designated for breastfeeding/pumping
  • Venue Map: Softball


  • Most questions can be answered by visiting LSU’s Gameday page that provides detailed information for each sport.
  • Additional questions/concerns can be addressed by LSU Athletic Guest Services by calling 225-578-4085 which is answered during the week and on weekends during athletic events or by visiting their Facebook page.

While we certainly wish that breastfeeding/pumping locations were available at Alex Box Stadium and Tiger Park, the department has indicated that they will consider future plans to add them. Enjoying LSU Athletics with your littlest Tigers doesn’t have to be stressful with a little planning, especially with this guide to bringing small kids to LSU athletic events. They’ll be cheering on their favorite teams with you before you know it!

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  1. Do you have any information regarding strollers? We plan to take our 2 year old to a football game this year and I am dreading walking across campus without a stroller.

    • Hi Jess – There is no official stroller policy, and they are allowed in Tiger Stadium. However, they are discouraged because there is no where to store them and LSU Athletics will not accept responsibility for them. Baby wearing might be a more convenient option if you have a carrier available.

  2. Crazy thought about strollers: do you think they would let us bike-lock it to a fence/pole/etc once we’re inside or at least at the gate? Is there a bike rack near the gate? lol


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