Gaming and Summer Break: How to Do it Well.

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Gaming and Summer Break: How to Do it Well.

Gaming and Summer Break: How to Do it Well.

Summer is looming, and with it the weeks of both a welcomed break as well as seemingly endless time with no set structure for your kids. It becomes up to you to find ways to entertain them and keep everyone occupied, happy and, dare we say- healthy?

Teens around the country will beg for screen time and stay up late into the night playing video games, while worn down parents pick their battles.

We feel you, Mama.

We’re taking notes on students’ interests while also considering their needs and well-being. That’s why we’re sharing about Gaming Week- a week-long day camp at Studyville this Summer!

Studyville camps are designed to be holistically engaging: fun and playful, mentally stimulating, social skills building, encouraging physical activity, and a cool welcoming environment geared toward students.

This gaming camp will use gaming as a medium to build math and science skills, get kids thinking independently, and utilize group work to achieve goals together. Our intentionally curated curriculum exposes students to critical mental, physical and social processes that they won’t get in the classroom or at home. Indoor gaming experiences will be interspersed with outdoor movement to ensure that students are balanced with both physical and mental activity throughout the week.

Plus, parents need to catch a break too 😅 You can be at ease for the week knowing that your students are entertained, challenged and well-cared for.

Maybe you’re thinking, “This all sounds great, but what exactly will they do at this Gaming Week?” Valid question. Here’s a little overview.

Gaming Week at Studyville

Monday: Playing Minecraft to Learn

Tuesday: Basic Coding Skills for Game Design

Wednesday: Chess and Logic Puzzles

Thursday: Video Games for Skills Building (city planning, historical strategy, infrastructure, and emergency services, etc.)

Friday: Outdoor Games (complex scavenger hunts, outdoor challenges, etc.)

*Daily schedule is subject to change.

Students will meet at Studyville’s Perkins Rowe location for your choice of half- or full-days during May 23rd-27th starting at $200. You can find all the details about registration at

So, this Summer you can let your student indulge their gaming desires and trust Studyville with the task of challenging them to grow- while you take a much needed breather from a Summer-long endeavor to keep your kids entertained, engaged and not total vegetables.

Have questions? The Studyville team would love to hear from you. Feel free to shoot them an email at [email protected].


Rachel Isbill was born and raised in Baton Rouge, LA where she lived until moving to Rachel IsbillBirmingham, AL for college. She studied Social Entrepreneurship and Psychology- making her career in marketing and non-profit work for almost a decade now. In 2019, she met and married her husband, Evan- the most earnest man you’ll ever meet.  She has worked with the Studyville team since the beginning, helping to ensure that others in the Baton Rouge area know all that Studyville can do to help their families thrive and students succeed.


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