Girl, Go Buy New Underwear

Mommas, we spend so much of our time in the kid zone that we sometimes forget any other zone exist.

It all begins the day they are born. You are constantly being reminded to focus on the baby’s needs. To be in tune with every noise, cry, and change in poop color. 

Our mothering instinct kicks in and our womanly wilds go out the window!!! Let’s not even talk about the decrease in sex drive or the ability to pee in peace, especially once they hit the toddler age.

As a mom of teens and tweens, I would like to say that this kid laser focus changes naturally, but it doesn’t! The late night feedings turn into staying up watching the clock for your teenager to get in from a Friday night basketball game. The dance mom phase kicks in and you have no life. You no longer worry about paying for child care because the college bills are about to start, and let’s not discuss car insurance for teens!! (It’s INSANE) 

There is a little hope, though, as your little babies become big babies.

You know how you used to constantly buy them new clothes and shoes because, well, they keep growing. You’re probably still doing that, but one day it will hit you that the last time you actually went a bought yourself a new pair of underwear that didn’t come in a pack was likely eons ago. You will realize that wearing undies with the now non existent elastic band just doesn’t have to be your life anymore! That day, my friend, you will walk into a store and buy new undies! You will peruse the nice drawers and shelves and look at the beautiful styles and colors, and you will for a second feel like a woman again. Not like a mom or chauffeur of little humans. You will feel like a person. With feelings and goals all her own.

It’s a simple thing but after that this will become a regular occurrence and you will wonder why you waited so long to buy new underwear! 

Strong willed and determined since a little girl, this mom of three, wife, worship leader, writer, and career woman, believes dreams come true if you do the work. Nikyla hails from St. Louis, Mo, the “show me” state. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University and Southern University. She is a certified teacher and currently teaches at Louisiana Connections Academy. Her time out of the office is filled with family, friends and faith. She adores her three children Kyre, K’mya, and Kris and has been married to her childhood sweet heart Remiah Trask for fourteen years. Nikyla is currently a worship leader at Anchor Chapel in Baton Rouge. She has always been passionate about the things she sets her mind to. Her story of victory over severe anxiety disorder, after her third child, is truly one you must hear to believe. It will transform the way you view people with mental illness and even the way you view yourself. She is the founder of the mental health campaign entitled Be Brave. Writing has become a form of therapy for her, and the stories she shares are always honest, heartfelt, and transparent. Read more of Nikyla’s Brave Blogs here.



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