Girl Scouts Louisiana East is DREAMING BIG with the NEW GSLE DreamLab

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Girl Scouts Louisiana East. If you are looking for more STEM events check out their calendar HERE. As if there aren’t enough reasons to join the Girl Scouts, their new DreamLab is sure to be absolutely amazing!

Girl Scouts Louisiana East is DREAMING BIG with the NEW GSLE DreamLab

Girl Scout DreamLabGSLE ‘s DreamLab will open to the public on Tuesday, September 5, 2023

What was the first big dream you remember? Did you dream of stepping on the moon,
delivering a State of the Union speech as president, or maybe owning your own pony? Every big dream starts with a spark of imagination and excitement- that’s what the GSLE DreamLab brings to the Gonzales community.

What is the DreamLab? The Girl Scout DreamLab in Gonzales, Louisiana, is a one-of-a-kind program center, designed to captivate the imagination of young minds. If your girl has big dreams, the DreamLab is a space to learn, grow, and explore.

What will girls do at the DreamLab?

The STEM Center within the DreamLab serves as a gateway to the world of Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math. Young Girl Scouts can delve into hands-on activities that unlock the mysteries of these exciting fields. By participating in engaging experiments and projects, Girl Scouts will gain firsthand experience in STEM, fostering a deep appreciation for the rapidly evolving world of technology and innovation.

In the heart of the DreamLab lies the state-of-the-art Media Pod. This space offers an
incredible opportunity for girls to explore their creative side. Equipped with cutting-edge media technology, including podcasting and video conferencing capabilities, the Media Center empowers girls to express themselves and own their voice. From mock podcast recordings to real-time on-air experiences, the Media Center is a platform for amplifying voices and honing essential communication skills.

Imagine a space where dreams are nurtured and transformed into reality. The Dream Center within the DreamLab is precisely that. Centering around a main stage, the Dream Center encourages collaboration, meetings, and new ideas.

The DreamLab’s Outdoor Center offers a taste of adventure. This section is a thrilling
introduction to the world of outdoor exploration that is integral to Girl Scouting. Here, girls can prepare themselves for real camping experiences to embark on their next outdoor adventure with courage and confidence.

Dream it. Do it.

The DreamLab is not just a physical space; it’s a symbol of empowerment, innovation, and
collaboration. Who can explore the DreamLab? Girls as young as five years old are invited to immerse themselves in this empowering experience and attend upcoming events presented by Girl Scouts Louisiana East.

Want to discover the DreamLab with your girl? Click here to register for an upcoming event! With a constantly evolving lineup of activities, workshops, and programs, there’s always something new to discover at the GSLE’s Girl Scout DreamLab.

For more information, visit Girl Scouts Louisiana East at



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