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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by GoPeer. If your family is seeking a tutor in Baton Rouge, I recommend checking the GoPeer website. Your student will benefit from high quality, affordable tutoring all from the comfort of your Baton Rouge home.

GoPeer :: Affordable, Quality Tutors for Baton Rouge … All From the Comfort of Your Home

There is no doubt that the past few years have been challenging in general, but the stress of keeping school-aged children academically on track amidst quarantines and virtual learning has been particularly hard. Many Baton Rouge students have understandably struggled, leaving parents exhausted, overwhelmed and worried. The one blessing of COVID may be that all students now have some level of familiarity with online learning, so the concept of receiving virtual tutoring is not as crazy as it may have been three short years ago. We recently had the opportunity to experience a fun, innovative tutoring online platform called GoPeer. My daughter genuinely enjoyed our time with (possibly our new BFF) Evan, our GoPeer Tutor.Online tutoring options for kids in Baton Rouge

If you are looking for a great tutor in Baton Rouge, look no further than GoPeer.

Before I tell you about GoPeer, let me give you a little bit of background of my daughter, Keilyn. Keilyn is our wild flower, artistic 10 year old who was diagnosed with Dyslexia at 7 years old. We have been on a journey for the past few years to learn how Keilyn learns best and to set her up for success. Throw COVID in the mix, and that added another layer of complexity in assisting her with achieving her highest potential. For a family like mine, the chance to try any academic service that could help our daughter is a real gift. We are open to trying anything and everything as we work with her to meet her learning goals in the most effective way possible.

When we were initially invited to try GoPeer, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The website was incredibly easy to navigate. We were able to select what area we wanted more help with or even something interesting to learn just for learning’s sake. You can select from 150 topics including basic school subjects, public speaking, resume writing or even art! We chose to focus on reading. Since school was out for the winter holidays, I wanted Keilyn to have a little extra help keeping her brain moving and thinking. When Baton Rouge schools are closed, it certainly doesn’t help to have a great tutor around to keep your kiddo’s brain going!

GoPeer matches you with college aged students who are in school for the things your specific child needs help with. We had the option to read the tutors’ profiles to learn more about their majors, interests and history. GoPeer paired us with Evan, a senior at Appalachian State University originally from Togo in West Africa, majoring in English with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. No, Evan is not located in Baton Rouge, but this was not a barrier for us because a great tutor is a great tutor – in Baton Rouge or not!

Our first step was to schedule a 15 minute get to know you session with Evan. Evan came prepared with questions for Keilyn. We had the opportunity to share with Evan what we would like to accomplish and achieve during our time together. We left feeling comfortable with Evan, and Keilyn had a better idea of how things would go moving forward. Next, we scheduled our first tutoring session. Again, the tutoring session happened virtually, so a tutor right “in” our home, if you will. I personally feel this is a fabulous, convenient option if you are looking for a great tutor in Baton Rouge. We chose a date and time that worked for us and logged onto GoPeer’s secure classroom to begin to learn. While the sessions are designed to be a solid hour, we did notice that some GoPeer tutors have the option to offer 30 minute virtual tutoring sessions.

As Evan was helping Keilyn read stories and play word games, I heard her engaging and asking questions with a few giggles thrown in. After their session, I asked Keilyn how things went and she said, “that was fun!” Evan is such a gem and both Keilyn and I enjoyed interacting with him. In our case, we simply wanted our daughter to continue to use her reading and critical thinking skills over the holiday break. In that regard, the tutoring was more open-ended in nature, allowing Evan to engage Keilyn in a way that he thought would best accomplish those goals. That said, if you have a specific assignment or agenda for your session, that is absolutely a possibility, too. For example, perhaps your student performs poorly on a specific test. A GoPeer tutor can review the test and missed questions directly with your child. You do indeed have the ability to communicate directly with your tutor, as well as send documents through the GoPeer messaging system.

Overall, GoPeer is a high quality, affordable and convenient tutoring option for Baton Rouge families. If you are seeking tutors in Baton Rouge, look no further than GoPeer.

What to Know About GoPeer Online Tutoring for Baton Rouge Students ::

  • GoPeer is suitable for any student ages 5 to 18.
  • Everyone is entitled to a FREE 7 day trial membership. Sign up HERE.
  • After your FREE seven day trial there is a membership fee (which can be purchased monthly or annually) and can be canceled at anytime without a penalty.
  • Each session in $20 an hour which goes DIRECTLY to the tutor you are working with.
  • GoPeer’s tutors are qualified, college aged students from across the country.
  • Safety is important to the GoPeer team. Every tutor application is reviewed and screened and background checks are performed.
  • You have the option to schedule a session as often as you would like on various subjects.
  • GoPeer offers high quality tutors for Baton Rouge students in all subject areas and grade levels.

We plan on using GoPeer when we are on school breaks. I liked having a college aged student working with my child to keep her engaged and learning. Also, once I heard that the tutors are getting the entire $20 we pay, I was SOLD!

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