Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: The Reality of Kinship Care

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Louisiana- Serving the Needs of Kinship Care

Going to your local park or pool, eating out at a restaurant or going to the grocery store…it is not unusual to find a grandparent doing the same with their grandchildren. In many cases, what seems like a “date with Grammy’ is actually not.  In reality, that grandmother is the one providing full-time love and care for her grandchild.  And I ask myself:  How on earth do they do this? I wonder if I could even do the same…or be half as generous?

I look at these men and women caring for their grandchildren and I admire their energy, their patience, their determination, and their unconditional love. We have all heard countless stories of grandparents or relatives committing themselves to this type of care for a child or children. They would have it no other way.

But with this commitment comes numerous responsibilities, and sacrifices, coupled with a great sense of need for material and emotional support. This is where the organization Grandparents Raising Grandchildren comes to the rescue.

This program was started 10 years ago. A husband and wife found themselves in a situation where caring for their grandson was necessary. From this couple’s own personal experience and need, this organization came to be.


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren of Louisiana is an organization dedicated to offering both information and support to grandparent and other kinship caregivers and their families. They are a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to serving these families in any way necessary.  The resources they provide include (but are not limited to):  financial assistance, kinship parenting, legal assistance, custody vs adoption advice, monthly support group meetings and the availability to respond to immediate needs.

And here are some  “GRANFACTS” STATS (from


The Children

  • 57,000 (5%) children live with a relative with no parent present.
  • 142,269 (12.8%) children under 18 live in homes where householders are grandparents or other relatives.
  • 117,817 (10.6%) of these children live with grandparents.
  • 24,452 (2.2%) of these children live with other relatives. 

The Grandparents

  • 63,498 grandparents are householders responsible for their grandchildren who live with them. Of these:
  • 23,999 (37.8%) do not have parents present.
  • 41,387 (65.2%) are under age 60.
  • 35,495 (55.9%) are in the workforce.
  • 16,954 (26.7%) are in poverty.
  • 17,455 (27.5%) have a disability.
  • 21,716 (34.2%) are unmarried.

The need for this organization is evident and that we have this organization very active in communities all around Louisiana is a blessing.  If you know of a grandparent or relative in need of these services reach out to them today:

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Center Of Louisiana

(GRGICL)7732 Goodwood Blvd, Suite 204

Baton Rouge LA  70806


JC Dardis
JC’s heart is full and so is her home. She is thankful to be “living the dream” with her kind and very patient husband, Jay, of 22 years. They work as a team to parent their 10 children, ages 21 to 8. Each day in the Dardis home is full of adventure, often unexpected events…and many opportunities to love without condition and surrender to the moment. JC graduated from LSU in Psychology, backpacked around the world for 18 months, was a missionary for two years, earned a teaching degree from McNeese and directed a small non-profit. A native of Baton Rouge, JC grew up in Lake Charles and Alexandria. A homeschool mom for 9 years, JC now is the Administrative Assistant for Flavin Realty, Inc as well as a Real Estate Agent. JC enjoys anytime outdoors, waking up early for alone time, exercising, and speaking to Jesus.


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