Halloween Costume Ideas: Heroes of the Pandemic

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Halloween Costume Ideas: Heroes of the Pandemic

Halloween Costume Ideas: Heroes of the Pandemic

Halloween 2021 is just around the corner! Personally I love any excuse to dress my kiddos in cute costumes and the fact that we can then secretly siphon away the candy they collect and eat it late at night makes Halloween an extra delightful holiday. We typically spend Halloween with some of our best friends who live in a fun, community driven neighborhood that has mostly silly and very little spooky going on.

I’m sure we all thought Covid would be long gone by now, but this seemingly endless Pandemic is dragging on. But here’s an idea, lets turn this awful thing on it’s head just a little by using it to celebrate the people who’ve carried us through. This year’s Halloween costume idea: “Heroes of the Pandemic.” We all know that there are many people who deserve a thousand gold stars and multiple rounds of applause. Why not have a bunch of cute kids and their parents dressed up to honor them? 

Here are some ideas I happened upon when perusing the store with the idea of focusing on people who deserve honor right now:

Doctors and Nurses: This is a 2021 costume no brainer! Our local doctors and nurses worked SO hard this year. Let’s honor them this Halloween. Party Time had great options for medical costumes for both kids and adults! They also had fun accessories like Hero's of the Pandemic Costumes at Party Time Baton Rougestethoscopes and doctor bags.

Delivery People: I personally owe everything to my mail lady so I was really excited to find a literal mail carrier costume at Party Time. 

Teachers: God, bless you, educators!!!! So many cute teacher options at Party Time. 

Police Officers: Yet another public servant that received no extra days off in 2021 during a raging pandemic. Dress your little one up as a police officer and maybe even spring for the badge and handcuffs for extra fun.

Stay-at-home-parents: Zoom meetings, online school, gosh, it’s a lot. I didn’t see a specific costume for this, but you could easily find what you need from the selections in the store.

For some lighter takes: Easy food pickup (think pizza costumes, hot dog costumes, etc)–getting us through on nights we just can’t cook!! And hobbies like painting—who didn’t at Pandemic Costumes for 2021 Baton Rouge Party Time least attempt something new?! Go with Bob Ross and paint happy trees! 

Party Time Baton Rouge has an incredible selection of Halloween costumes. I personally avoid scary for Halloween (little children/personal preference), but if that’s your thing, there’s plenty to choose from! Additionally, you really can find all the Fall and LSU decor you could want as well. I was happy to find out about their great balloon options for future birthday parties. Honestly, it’s a one stop shop for festive needs!

Beyond the costumes, I liked all the little party favor type things they have which could be fun to pass out on Halloween instead of or in addition to candy. Don’t forget to check out Party Time’s paper goods and fall decor, as there are lots of pretty things for a casual dinner party or to decorate your home.

No matter what your child (or you!) wants to be for Halloween, you’ll probably find it at Party Time! And what a great opportunity to honor the heroes of the pandemic in a fun way!

Party Decor at Party Time Baton Rouge


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