Halloween Costumes You Probably Have in Your Closet

Halloween always sneaks up on me. Just when I get settled into my back-to-school rhythm, there are pumpkins on porches and bags of candy for sale near the check-out lines.

Some people can’t wait for spooky season and have had their costumes picked out since July. Others may have not given one thought to dressing up. Perhaps you’ve been both! Maybe you typically have everyone’s costumes carefully selected weeks before trick-or-treating, but this year you haven’t had the time to think about it.

Never fear. You may not have to scramble at the last minute to find a costume that will work. You may already have the makings of a great costume right in your home.

I’ve put together a few simple costume ideas that most people can piece together using what they have at home!

No spending $50 at the picked-over Halloween store on October 30? Sign me up!


What you’ll need:

– Glasses

– Oversized sweater

– Hair pulled in a bun

No matter how you choose to style this look, you’ll be easily recognized! The glasses and a tight bun are a giveaway.


What you’ll need:

– Linen pants

– Button-down

– Tennis shoes

I may or may not have worn this exact outfit all summer. You can add a bucket hat, a pair of glasses and/or a tote bag to complete the ensemble.


What you’ll need:

– Overalls

– Patterned t-shirt

– Tennis shoes

Dress up like your little one! And, don’t forget to style your hair. Pull it into pigtails. Rock the French braid. Add a giant bow.


What you’ll need:

– Jeans

– Denim shirt

– Red bandana

After you throw on your jeans and denim shirt and tie a red bandana in your hair, all you need to do is the iconic Rosie pose and you’re good to go!


What you’ll need:

– Overalls

– Plaid shirt

– Cowboy boots

– White shirt/pants

– Black construction paper

– Tape

This is a quick and easy look for couples. A pair of overalls or jeans with a plaid shirt and boots or a hat and voila–you’re a farmer. Now for the cow? Cut out some cow patches from black construction paper and tape them onto a white outfit!


What you’ll need:

– Fanny packs

– Hawaiian print shirts

– Jean jackets or vests

Bonus points if you have binoculars, a map, or socks with sandals!


What you’ll need:

– Aprons and/or chef hats

– Brown clothing

– Colored construction paper

– Tape

This one is for the family! Either you and your spouse (or maybe you and your child if they have a small apron and chef’s hat) can be bakers. The rest of the family can be cookies! If you have some colored construction paper, you can cut out rectangle sprinkles or circular chocolate chips and use tape to put them on your plain colored clothing. What a cute and easy idea!

Browse your closet. Dig through the junk drawer. Raid your kids’ arts and crafts bins.

Whether you’re passing out candy, going to a costume party, or taking the kiddos out to trick-or-treat, I know you’ll find something spectacular to wear!

About Ashley D’Aubin

Ashley D’Aubin is the Associate Admissions Officer at The Dunham School and a proud alumna as well.After graduating from The Dunham School in 2010, Ashley attended Louisiana State University where she received her bachelor’s degree in public relations from the Manship School of Mass Communication. She is now the Associate Admissions Officer at The Dunham School. She is married her high school sweetheart, Joel, and they have three children: Charlotte (4), Micah and Andrew (eight-month-old twins).


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