Happy Barbecue Month :: Let’s Celebrate

Happy Barbecue Month :: Let’s Celebrate

Happy Barbecue Month :: Let’s Celebrate

The month of May is National Barbecue Month! It gives everyone a chance to get together with family and friends and enjoy some barbecue. So let’s fire up those grills and cook some barbecue.

When it comes to eating yummy barbecue, the sides served are very important. A side that’s a must for me is potato salad. I can’t eat barbecue without it. Some other common sides are baked beans, macaroni and even some delicious corn on the cob. In honor of Barbecue Month, I have listed a few restaurants below that serve some tasty barbecue. Don’t forget you can also celebrate by grilling in your own backyard on a nice sunny day.

Here’s a list of local restaurants that serve barbecue ::

Here are some ways you can celebrate Barbecue Month ::

bbq sauce, ribs, grill

  • Visit your favorite barbecue restaurant
  • Host a barbecue party
  • Try making your own homemade barbecue sauce
  • Go to a friends barbecue
  • Try some new barbecue recipes
  • Try sheet pan barbecue
  • Visit a drive thru barbecue restaurant
  • Grill some barbecue shish kabobs

What are some of your favorite foods to barbecue on the grill? Some of my favorite foods to barbecue are pork sausage, ribs, hamburger patties, hotdogs, chicken breast and shish kabobs. What foods will you barbecue to celebrate?!

I hope you and your family have a Happy Barbecue Month!

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